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Monday, February 22, 2016

With little fanfare, infamous right-wing anti-Islam group makes its way into Quebec. Why is the msm getting on the propaganda bandwagon?

The Canadian government is apparently watching right-wing groups like PEGIDA, QuĂ©bec Identitaire and the JDL closely. The Canadian Press reported on Tuesday that Canada’s spy agency (CSIS) recently advised the office of Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney of its concerns during a secret September briefing, noting that Canada’s burgeoning anti-Islam movement poses an “ongoing risk, particularly as its proponents advocate violence.”
CSIS did not respond to a request for additional comment about the briefing.
Full article here...
Are you kidding me, government spy agency are wasting their time watching organizations like pegida and the jdl?
In the meantime, islamic extremist are openly recruiting member in the west and Canada?

The family of a young Canadian woman who traveled to Syria after being radicalized say losing her was the most "shocking thing in the world" and that they wish CSIS had done more to prevent the 23-year-old’s departure.

In the post above, going to the link, they brag only 600 likes as of 2015, well 1 year later, pegida quebec is up to 12,500, and pegida canada is at 11,000. And growing...I would say, this is worth a look at why so many Canadians are against massive immigration, maybe they are well aware of what is happening in Europe and don't want it here. 

Hundreds of Syrian refugees in Ottawa are getting a taste of Canada's first class medical system right to their door.
MMM!! How many elderly Canadians, disabled, would love to have home visits from their health care providers?

The Canadian media in it's unbiased reporting (sarcasm by the way), will always try to "guide" people on how to think, reporting the realities is not one of their strong point.
And the idea, csis, or whatever government organizations, wasting their time watching democratic opposition to the refugee policy, while a number of our own kids are lured by isis, is strange indeed.
Pegida or others have an opposing view, perfectly legal in a democratic country, so shouldn't they put more efforts in going after those who target kids instead of genuine legal group?

The problem, as we see in Europe is not the immigration, it's the number of migrants one let's in.
If you bring in to many at one time, there is no incentive to adapt to local culture, because they gather in one neighborhood with their own. That does not give them incentives to assimilate, but to stay with what they know or feel comfortable with...
That's when some "impose" what others have tried to escape on the local population...

Right away, if one questions this type of immigration policy, they are right-wing anti islam groups?... according to media who take their talking points from governments instead of offering a unbiased opinion based on what the population thinks or expresses.
Doubting the sanity of massive immigration is not racism or islamophobia, those words are there to shut you up, it's what democracy is about, to question and to express one's self...better known as freedom of speech, and it should not be seen as a threat but a right protected by the charter of rights and constitutions.

Want to know how dangerous mass immigration is?
Ask an North American Indian.

The N.C. Chronicles does not promote or support violence against anyone, we do not condemn people for their way of life, muslims, Christians, Jews, or otherwise have a perfect right to live in peace. 
But the direction the world seems to be taking at the moment, peace is terribly fragile and sane policies should be adopted instead of looking for a cheap labor force at the expense of others.

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