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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Where Are The Feminists?

Since Islam came to town the angry feminists of America have gone suspiciously silent about the abuse of women.

LOL, he does have a point, even here in good ol'lanark county, those banshees who claimed, that "men (only in north America of course) achieved power through rape and sexual harassment", are no where to be found.
Or heard.
Yet, women are abused, sexually assaulted, even raped and we hear nothing from them.
Oh but when it comes to their opinions of the North American male, it's a different story, we are really bad and need to be...controlled. After all, not only do we protect(with our lives) their rights to be assh*les, but we go around sexually assaulting and raping our women, according to these ol'hags.

As this guy say's; Islam has done something, none of us ever expected, they "silenced" the feminist... and her manginas.
For information purposes...
Here is an example of sharia law...
It's hard to defend this...isn't it?
Tried to find this on feminist web sites, condemning it...
Couldn't find one...so far.

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