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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The existence of Canada as an independent nation is nothing more than a polite fiction???

One of the most frequent, non-abusive, questions I get on social media is this: “You’re Canadian. Why do you care so much about American politics?” It’s a great question, and today I would like to answer that question. Let’s start with the bigger picture.
What happens in the US elections is a matter that concerns the whole world. Home to the most powerful military on the planet, what the US military decides to do affects us all. US foreign policy will determine the nuclear contours of the Middle East, what happens in the South China seas, how emboldened Russia will be to reclaim lost territories and whether the little dipshit in North Korea will be allowed to continue starving his people. When the US moves, allies must follow, and as an ally, our own choices are greatly impacted by US military strategy. From a global perspective, I care about American politics because I must. American politics are world politics.
On a smaller scale, because I take an interest in Canadian military affairs and national defense, I am unable to escape the stunningly obvious conclusion that we are utterly incapable of defending ourselves as a nation. Canada has a surface area of almost 4M miles, and we are the largest country, including water masses, in North America. The United States has a surface area of 3.8M miles, by way of comparison.
We have 68K active military personnel, with another 51K reserves, for a total of 119K personnel. To protect a nation of 35M. We have one soldier for every 300 people. The US a population of 320M with a total of 2.1M military personnel (both active and reserve), meaning there is 1 soldier for every 152 people. Canada has zero aircraft carriers, zero destroyers, zero suppliers, four 20 year old second hand submarines, 12 coastal defenders (crew 35), 6 working icebreakers and that’s just the state of our Navy.  We are incapable of mounting any defense of our coastline.
We’re incapable of mounting any defense of any kind.
We are not a sovereign nation, we are a protectorate. It is only through the courtesy of Uncle Sam that we can maintain the polite fiction we are an independent country. A country that cannot defend itself is not a country, it’s a sitting duck.
Canada is often held up as an emblem of a social democratic nation that takes care of its citizens, providing national healthcare, maternity leave, social services and education to all. Yeah, sure. That’s because we don’t pay for national defence.
The United States does.
And they don’t charge us a penny to do it, either. Very nice of you, USA. Thank you!
Our swoony Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, elected by horny, middle-aged housewives, has recently announced that he will be turning 7 military bases over to invading Muslims refugees, and really, why not? It’s not like we’re using them for our own security. Why not give them to military age males from countries intent on our destruction? What can possibly go wrong? We’ll be subsidizing these ‘families’ to the tune of $200 000/year, and hey, why not? That money could be going to pay soldiers, but why pay for something you already get for free?
We have the US Army to call on, if it comes to that.
Why do I care so much about American politics? I am morally obliged to do so. The blood of your sons will protect me as much as it protects you, and that means I have an absolute moral duty to do what I can to make sure American voters do not wantonly throw those lives away. I could be of any political persuasion, and it wouldn’t matter: Canadian security depends on American blood. I can’t vote, obviously, but I can speak.
The entire world has a stake in the outcome of the US election, but no nation moreso than Canada. For better or worse, we have turned over our sovereignty to America. And if our leaders here do not support US policy, whatever that policy may turn out to be, perhaps it’s time for Uncle Sam to get rude. Courtesy is nice, but not when it’s counterproductive.
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MMM! Interesting...

As Canadians, we have done a lot of things which benefited the world, something to be proud of, we are an independent nation and or people. We hate it when people compare us to Americans, or tell us that we are totally dependent on them.  

When this comes about, some get frustrated and point out the differences and there are many.
But realities does show and we have to admit to ourselves, though quietly, that if it wasn't for the American economy, the military and everything in between, we simply would not be where we are today. 
For instance, above, it is said our social programs exist partly because of the cuts to the military, don't agree. Our programs depend on a good American economy and our trade with them. God forbid but, closed borders means no health care, no welfare, no pension and especially no posh golden pensions for the elite in power. It would put us back close to colonial times.

And if I may, our military, once called upon, have behaved and fought with honor, and recognized across the world for it, we where an important addition to our allies, since the first ever war as Canadians, the Boer war, in South Africa. When the left is in power, they are abused and even demean to a point where moral is non-existent. As it clearly says above, they will put refugees in military bases, spend millions on them, all the while vets are homeless in our cities. This is not, as the media tries to push, a majority view of things or accepted by the people, this is the few who control information trying to pass us off as something we are not. It's fine to help, but not at the expense of our own, that is the majorities true feelings.

But as things are today, it's not the population who lacks an identity, if anything we are realistic.
We know who our friends are, some might complain, yet, if anything we do understand the relationship.
As Jean Chretien once said; "look, the Americans don't buy our product because they are nice guys", which means we have a affiliation that benefits both nation.
It's the bureaucracy, the politicians, even some businesses and especially the media who have an identity crisis. Instead of concentrating on making things better for the nation; when things are not so...rosie, they try hard, to shake up the conversation, by siding with or going against the U.S..All depending on who is in power.
Our news media is right at the forefront of this identity crisis, Bush was bad, but obama, well, you can almost see the brown on the tip of their noses, they would rather put him, whenever he talks or sneezes, on TV, even breaking in programs. But had a viral conniption when it came to our own leaders, especially PM Harper. Boy, did they ever had it in for him.
Now it's Trumps and Cruz's turn. If they win the presidential election, you’re going to see some major heart attacks, especially with the CBC.
But all will be fine if clinton wins.

Anyway, to make this short, as the post above explains, I would ask the American people not to judge us by what they see on TV, or read. We know who we are, we know who you are, we have no big problem with that understanding, and we appreciate that each others relationship is mutually beneficial to both.
We might not always agree, but respect each others place and identity.

As long as we are aware of who is manipulating divisions for personal or political purposes, point them out, laugh and push them asides as nothing more than a minority view of thing...we will get along just fine.

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