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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spoiled over-payed brats in Ottawa want special treatment, 4 days work week?

MPs looking for work-family balance may say goodbye to Friday sittings
Gotta read this sh*t from these people, it's just amazing how they talk as if they are suffering more than anyone else...Damn Corrupt establishment elitists.
Look at the comments to see what people really thing, (if cbc doesn't delete them)

Making Parliament family-friendly

Spouses and families suffer

Ending Friday sittings
Here's a thought...
If you over-payed ninnies don't want to do the work, get out, plenty of real servant of the people would and have done the job, past and present.
Oil workers, farmers, doctors, nurses, waitress, soldiers, don't have 4 days a week, so you certainly don't deserve it before them.
And don't give us any of this "we work harder" crap, most of us don't have helpers and hundreds of workers...salaries worth over hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, or have a posh golden retirement plan...
Lazy corrupt sh*ts....as if our families suffer less than yours?
They want 4 day work week while the rest work 5, 6, 7 days even have 2 jobs to pay taxes for their lazy asses....?
Ya right.

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