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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sexy vs Breastfeeding in Public (Social Experiment). A personal thought.

Many thought this video was faked, whether it is or not, is not the issue here.

The model, fine, good looking, worth a look, (ok it's a man thing and no it's not stare rape, it's natural law.)
It has always been my belief that looking at a sexy woman, "with respect" is part of life, and to be honest, I do not think they mind at all, again as long as one does it with respect, which they take as a compliment.
(Unless one is a feminist or her mangina with a downtrodden character, but that's for another day)

As for the breastfeeding, those 2 breasts where given to women for a reason, this belongs in the mantle of natural law.
When we look at each other under the guise of individual responsibilities, man be man, woman be woman, and respect our place in the circle, that's when we will no longer need the dumb-asses (elitist, privileged, chosen few, so on) out there telling us who or what we should be, in order to group us and control our thoughts, so they can sneak by and take what is not theirs while we fight among ourselves.

That said; respecting each others reason for being and existence is the true nature of equality, breastfeeding is an individual choice, made by women, given to them by the Creator. No one, males or females have the right to criticize the individual choice of a mother, covered or uncovered, such is the law of nature.
We would get along a hell of a lot better if we threw away the elitist's population control law-books and replace them with natural ones. And the main thing in natural law is, everyone, everything as it's place and reasons.

Here is a few comments for supporting ladies;
Vicki; What do you think God made them for??? Perfectly natural. What they need is more private areas for breast feeding.most woman would rather be in a bathroom with an area to breastfeed their child in a clean place. Doesn't exist. When a child is hungry you feed them, get over it!!

Knäble; Why must they have special areas? I don't find anything wrong with publicly feeding. But is it necessary to create special areas to do this?

Karla; As long as they cover themselves? Lmao.. Anyone who thinks breastfeeding is inappropriate or disgusting is a complete waste of space.. Formula is a nasty combination of crap that will sustain a child. Is it healthy? Hell no

Pamela: I didn't even know people thought that breastfeeding was disgusting...

Again; when it comes to natural law, no one has the right to criticize it.

The N.C. Chronicle totally supports the rights of mothers to do what they consider to be what is best for their child, it is what the Creator graced them with to advance the human race.
This is how humanity evolves, the rightful, respectful and true equal place of a mother alongside the father, men and women, both different but reliant on each other for survival of the species.


Allison said...

On your other site you ask,what do you think?
Couldnt have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with A.Thank you