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Saturday, February 20, 2016

REVEALED; Refugee to Canada rush didn't help the most vulnerable.

Let me see if i get this right, they had their own apartments, they brought them here all the while some Canadians, are homeless??? In winter???

As for this revealing picture...
Does the refugees standing there look like they need help or are abused in anyway, don't they look well feed to you?
Does the premier of Ontario know that, as a woman with an alternative lifestyle, these people do not support her way of life?
And some are even stoned to death?
"Supported by so called "moderates"

A few more disturbing policies...
Refugees in Montreal get $8M in teachers, meals, despite school board cuts
We have kids here in Canada that go hungry to schools...

Terrorists’ citizenship will not be revoked
Imagine for a moment, an attack on America, coming from Canada...

Liberals restore full health care for refugees
How about putting the extra funding into care for the Elderly?
Hundreds of Syrian refugees in Ottawa are getting a taste of Canada's first class medical system right to their door. 
How many Elderly Canadians would love to have a taste of Canada's first class medical system right to their door.? 
I talked to a "Canadian" Elderly person the other day, their own doctor's office told them the earliest he could see them is in a month and a half, and if they wanted to renew their medication before then, they had to "pay" $15.
That's $15 Elderly people don't have. Or wait a month and a half???
Yet in our area, good news, we now have our own token refugees.
Syrian Refugee Family to arrive in Perth early next week
There’s good news from the Community Alliance for Refugee Resettlement, the group that has been working to bring Syrian refugee families to Perth. The home is ready to go. It’s been prepared by CARR volunteers and furnished through donations of cash and items.
In the area, all stores except one grocery store are out of walking distance for the elderly, and this is mostly a retirement town... I'm sure some of these would love the help of "volunteers", Why can't these do-gooders (CARR) put that much effort in helping local Elderly or the poor?

Syrian refugees will see free arts, cultural events in Canada
Plan to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases -- Taxpayers will fund mosques, korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels.
While, Canadians, (even Vets).
What is disturbing, so many seem to forget that others in our own back yard could use this effort from those who would rather get a pat on the back, than helping their own as much as they do it for others outside the country.
Free furniture, free arts, a better health care for the Elderly, home visits, would go a long way to show they also care about those around them just as much as refugees.
It is strange they bring in more and more people who openly disagree with alternate lifestyles, women's rights, Christianity, so on, all this borders on national suicide, the way some European states are experiencing today.
These people support and bring in, those who force women to wear a scarf, tell them to hide themselves from the public, look at women as second class citizen. That's a head scratcher.

When we say helping our own first, that includes all, no matter race, creed, religion, or otherwise.
As the video above reveals, these so called refugees, already had apartments, while some, specially local Christians, Azidis, women, even children and so on, are murdered, raped, stoned to death, heads cut off...
But hey, who are we to criticize bringing in people who are well fed, have cell phones, were already living in apartments, while other awaiting help, have their heads cut off just for been different.(sarcasm)

Again, it would be nice to see, organizations like CARR, put as much effort to help those in need in their own surroundings as they do with people outside their country.

This isn't just Canada, it's all over the western world... except eastern Europe, they seem to have a better understanding of what national suicide means.
Muslim Refugees Welcomed to Canada With Call to “Destroy” the Enemies of Islam
Pro-ISIS Imam: "Strengthen the mujahideen....let them hit their targets"

Here's a radical idea; Put as much effort in helping the Elderly, the poor, the Vets, of your own country, as one puts in helping others...That way there would be less...resentment...
Is that a racist thought, is it islamophobia?

The N.C. Chronicles offer information alongside links, but don't take it only from us, always research, then make up your own mind.
That is how democracy evolves and makes for a better nation to pass on to the young.
Information does not mean condemnation of anyone in particular, opposing opinions is not racism or whatever, it is freedom of speech.
Never be afraid to speak up, if we don't, we promote dictation of ideals that might not be our own, and that could lead to totalitarianism.
With the realities of divisions in the world, it's obvious that as a species we are not ready for a flower filled, kumbaya singing circle of mutual respect, we have to accept, our differences are there and will be for a foreseeable future.

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