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Friday, February 5, 2016

Ottawa women's group 'outraged' at anti-Islam Facebook comments after promoting oppressive hijab.

By: Lucy Scholey Metro, Published on Mon Jan 25 2016
An Ottawa group’s invitation to wear a hijab in solidarity with Muslim women has spurred dozens of anti-Islamic and xenophobic comments on social media.

The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) posted details for “Ottawa Hijab Day” on its Facebook page on Friday. On Feb. 25, women are encouraged to wear the traditional headdress as a show of support and respect for Muslims.

As of Monday, more than 40 people had commented on the event – and most scoffed at the idea or posted anti-Islamic notes.

CAWI says it’s “outraged” by the “offensive” comments and will take them down.

“We believe that women should have the right to choose what they wear,” said Tong Zhao-Ansari, the group’s community engagement coordinator, noting that people have a right to their opinion but there’s a “bottom line.”

Not all the posts were offensive, however.

“Don't let these negative comments detract from the important work you do. They are exactly the reason why this type of work and these types of conversations need to take place.”

Ian Campeau, of DJ collective A Tribe Called Red, also weighed in by pointing to the Canadian Constitution’s section on fundamental freedoms, which includes religion.

World Hijab Day, which started on Feb. 1, 2013, is intended to raise awareness and nurture religious tolerance by encouraging women to wear the headdress for one day.

Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, was not shocked about the Facebook comments.

“We hear it all the time,” she said.

The organization does not see the hijab as a religious requirement, but believes it’s up to each Muslim woman to decide whether or not to wear the garb. Hogben said almost half of Muslim women do not cover their hair, so donning the headdress is not a necessary act of solidarity.

“There are so many (other) ways,” she said. “Smile at Muslims who walk around the street. Be nice. If you have neighbors, invite them to your house.”
One of the comment went like this; (I have to agree with it, and no it's not racist"
Some newcomers are in a perpetual state of feeling offended. I’m offended when newcomers hide behind burkas and I can't see who I'm dealing with. I’m offended when we have to replace our long-standing Canadian norms with customs from Islamic homelands. I’m offended that we have Islamic prayers in our taxpayer-funded public schools while the recital of the Lord’s prayer is no longer allowed. I’m offended that some of our students can no longer wish their schoolmates Merry Christmas for fear that it may offend Muslims. I’m offended that multi-faith prayer rooms in our universities have been converted into Islamic-only prayer rooms. I’m offended that some of our newcomers will either accuse us of being racist or sue us if we don't meet their demands. It seems to me that some of our newcomers need to show a little more respect for the way we do things in Canada when asking that we allow them to make Canada their new home.

As for the anti hijab comments, what they are not telling you is, the majority of the so called outrageous comments of that site was made by...WOMEN. (Which they delete them as soon as they are posted)
I found many comments about hijab day, women where pretty pissed off, so much so, the promoter had to bring down her tweet.
From another Canadian woman;
Islamophobia isn't even a word, it's only used when the truth is spoken against islam. Any immigrant who wants to live in Canada should assimilate not change our culture to theirs.

Here's a few more, again all by...Canadian women;
How be.....NOBODY wear a scarf!!!!!

Not interested. Don't need to play dress up at my age, NOR conceal my hair and part of my identity.

Half baked women having no idea what they are setting themselves up for.

We do not want to hear this crap anymore Muslim bullshit,there are other "people" in this country,Trudeau an his clan is not wanted here do to this stuffing in down our throats.

I'd never sign up to cover my head. For what? To see what it feels like to be a 2nd class citizens In your own culture. Keep your hijab to yourself and can we stop with all the love Muslims BS!!! We don't go rounding you all up for Christianity day so you can feel equality & freedom.


There are a heck of a lot more, and like I said, these are not people who have islamophobia, these are all women, who view head covering for what it really is, control.

Here is the massive hypocrisy and stupidity in all this, this organizations that promote this idiotic idea are mostly or would claim they are feminists. 
The hijab is not a religious requirement as Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women clearly states. (In other words, CAWI does not speak for muslim women)

What it is, is a piece of clothing law, added to women by clerics, to control the way they look, according to them, if they show too much of their femininity, they risk getting raped, stoned to death, or whatever this society and it's sharia laws dictate to women and even kids. These idiots in Ottawa, are promoting the very rules that are imposed as a form of legalized abuse if they don't hide themselves.

Instead of supporting what is clearly meant as control over what women wear over there, through world hijab day, why aren't they promoting Canadian women's freedom day, supporting the idea that women in Canada and the west can express themselves freely without a form of suppression which the hijab represents.

Some of them refer to the hijab as a form of modesty, b*llshit, one does not have to cover to show modesty. What modesty means is personal strength of character, to be what one wishes to be, and having the will to represent one's own identity, the hijab hides all this and shows weakness.
This piece of clothing has it's origins  not in modesty but in radical muslim clerics dictating how women should behave around men. 
This was imposed on the ladies after the rise of radicalism....In the 70's and 80's women where making advances in freedoms especially in secular countries, then came the west meddling in thing that did not concern them and low and behold, a step backwards was introduced and feminists and their manginas adopted it???
Did anyone ever bother to ask what the women in these countries want???

Don't get me wrong, if they want to wear the scarf, go right ahead, but why, while promoting it, aren't these idiots in Ottawa, also promoting the idea that not wearing it does not mean they are loose women? That in the west, north America, especially in Canada, showing your femininity is a good thing, and something we all respect. 
Bringing what has always been a form of control and oppression to Canada, does not promote the idea we support their rights to be who they want to be, on the contrary, it gives more power to those dumb-asses with the red beards more power to control their women through the young for generations to come. 
In the 70's the hijab was barely around, men did not care if women didn't wear it either.
The hijab is a dangerous path to the burka, give it time, bring in massive amounts of refugees here, they will group themselves in certain neighborhoods, like in Europe, then some will feel strong enough to impose this on the women around them.
Canada should promote it's own society, which by the way, most muslim women aspire to...
As we said, they where on their way to freedom of choice in secular countries, till the west got involved...
Case in point...

You can add Iraq and Libya to all this...

Traditional dress for women...
 Promoting acceptance is fine, if they want to wear a scarf, so be it, (which by the way, western women where oblige to do when they went to church, then got rid of it, and life as we know it did not end), but it must be also done by advancing our own beliefs. Something these feminists in ottawa are not doing and that's why most women are against it...
For decades they claimed men wanted to control women, now they encourage what is basically a form of control and denial of freedom to be western...Go figure that one out...
Such is the hypocrisy of feminism and their manginas.

As we said, If women want to wear a scarf fine, it is not a religious requirement but more of a fashion thing, as we see in the picture above. If women in muslim countries had a choice, the way they almost succeeded in the 70's and 80's, would they wear it? 
Most would not...

To bring here what they are fleeing is kinda strange though...
Note; The N.C. Chronicles does not condemn anyone for their choices in life, we only offer an opinion.


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