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Monday, February 1, 2016

Monumentally Stupid Anti-Trump Video Debunked. Lefties make fools of themselves. Again.

We’ve all seen the dumb Anti-Trump whiners that lie about statistics and reality to promote whatever leftist agenda of the day. They say he’s sexist, racist, homophobic, and whatever other -phobic trait that they can think of that day. However, we know that Trump is the strongest candidate for all people in quite some time – he’s the anti-establishment Republican that has amassed great personal wealth and wants to share his work ethic and secrets of business with everyone.

And he’s not alone – in this video, Paul Joseph Watson, an opinionated journalist, defends The Donald from leftist attacks in a “tuck Frump” campaign made by lefty idiots.

Be forewarned: the language is quite foul, but would you expect anything less from far-left liberals? Here’s the video and EPIC takedown. Share it EVERYWHERE!
First of all, like the rest of us "normal" people, we hate propaganda, which the left seems to depend on lately.
Also using "fuck" and kids to promote a dying ideology of hate and dependency is just disgusting.
That said, Paul Watson hit's it right on about the b.s. been promoted by losers in this video and so does most people who have looked at it and the dislikes tells the story...
Your time is up you poor excuses of human beings.

I'm Canadian so I don't get a vote, but after watching this video I'm considering migrating to America solely so I can vote for Donald Trump. (Bwaaahahaha)

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