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Monday, February 1, 2016

Kevin O'Leary and the conservative leadership race.

So here's the Conservative Party of Canada leadership contest in a nutshell: If Kevin O'Leary gets into the race, he's going to ride a wave of discontent and win. End of story. Unless...

Unless one of the other leadership campaigns offers something more compelling. An idea that inspires voters to vote for them.

That's not happening right now because the fraternity of PR professionals running these bids are convinced that if they offer Canadians anything other than Keeping Taxes Low, there will be a backlash that they're just not up to dealing with.

Why is Kevin O'Leary going to win if nobody promotes an inspiring idea? Because Kevin O'Leary is going to fearlessly articulate the resignation and cynicism Canadians -- and Conservatives -- feel with their government and with political parties in general.

And why are they resigned and cynical? Because of the weaksauce leadership they've been offered. Because government has become so ideologically and intellectually bankrupt, and so tentative and fearful besides, that populism looks like an improvement.

With populism, at least something is said with conviction.

I want to make it clear that Kevin O'Leary's contribution, if it materializes, to this leadership race is needed and necessary. Party members are not going to tolerate a year and a half of everyone making nicey-nice with each other. I don't want to write him off as Trump North or an empty suit with no ideas and no conservative bona fides.
He is none of those things.

But the fact that the prospect of him jumping into the race has provoked empty threats about how populism has no place in Canada, articles in Maclean's talking about the finer distinctions of classical liberalism, and catalogues of O'Leary's business failures from the left (as if they don't have bigger problems they should be worried about) instead of ideas shows that everyone else is either too afraid or too one-dimensional to offer any.

 And the largest hypocrisy of all is that they spend their time railing against rackets like the unions and the arts community, where who moves up and who moves down the ladder is totally controlled by those at the top, while failing to acknowledge and name the fact that conservative politics has become just as bad.
Read the rest of the article. 
In other words, the establishment, even inside the conservative party are freaking out and scared to death that people have waken up and no longer subscribe to the idea that the elitist in Canada is the only one who has the right to power and rule over us.... 
They screwed everything up, increased and increasing the debt, gave us chocking deficits and claimed they were financial wizards.

If O'leary does decides to run,  the attacks on him will come from every aspect of the establishment, media, professional politicians, feminists and their weak manginas, etc,.
Getting rid of political correctness is a must, not to pick on anyone, or any groups, but because those who do look for power instead of serving the people, use it to lie their way to the top, and once in power, they do something very different from what they promise.
P.C. is now used to control dissent or opposing ideas, and that is pure political corruption.
It has even been used to curb freedoms we use to enjoy and moral values that is important for the health and well-being of a society. It has destroyed the family unit and put our kids on a path to self-destruction, with ideas that are so foreign to human nature that confusion reigns among them.
The one thing that  kept us from falling into chaos in the past was guidance, parental wisdom, family unity, which has now been replace by state laws, under these circumstances, such a state has no future...
But then again, we are not saying anything radical, everyone knows this deep inside, the problem is, everyone is afraid to say it. And that is population control, the beginning of the end of the freedom and democracy our grandparents fought so hard to give us.

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