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Friday, February 19, 2016

If I were the devil...A warning from back in 1965.

Forget for a moment the religious implication of this message and listen to it, while comparing it to today's society...
Sends chills up your spine doesn't it; how can a society survive, if morality goes out the door and greed, abuse, laziness sets into it?
This was said in 1965, it perfectly describe our world today.
It not about judging anyone, or condemning, it's a matter of asking ourselves, "are we really doing what is right to promote a healthy society for the future of our kids?"
Can such a twisted society actually survive?
They are now trying to ban certain media which they deem unsupportive of their policies...The primary ideal that assures a healthy democracy and freedom of speech.
Doesn't it look like we are heading in the wrong direction?

Just for the sake of arguments;
As for "If I were the devil" video, looks like he (the devil) doesn't have to do anything, he has his minions doing it for him...
Forget George Orwell's 1984, that's child's play compared to what they are trying to push on us nowadays.

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