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Friday, February 5, 2016

Gotta love those Russians...Migrants in Murmansk go too far with Russian girls. While in the west, women must fend for themselves?

Migrants from the Middle East, hitting a night club near the Norwegian border in the Murmansk region, started harassing Russian young women, and realised too late that they were not in the EU.  Russian men, as they should have known, and as our picture suggests, are slightly different to those in the West.
Though the police authorities have no wish to talk about it, in effect denying mass injuries to a group of migrants, local social network users were happy to share their commentaries on the incident.
The trouble started when Norway expelled about 50 Middle Eastern and Afghanistan migrants for “bad behavior” back to Russia, which they’d passed through on their way to the land of milk, honey and liberal-minded blondes. Once in Russia, the testosterone-charged ‘refugees’ decided to go out for some fun at the local “Gandvik” discotheque, and oblivious to where they were, decided to start groping the Russian girls.
The problem came down to the fact that in Murmansk, men just aren’t brainwashed into the tolerance of ‘enlightened’ Europe. Judging from the comments of local social network users, they tried to run away and hide, but they were found and “educated.” If entire squadrons of police hadn’t arrived, the situation would have gotten really bad, especially in view of the frosts of Murmansk.
To make things even worse for the migrant gropers, judging by the identical reaction of the police, the agents of law enforcement did not differ in tolerance level. So while they did tell the enraged locals not to resort to lynching, they quietly assisted in the educational process,  according to news.li.
Results: 18 in the hospital, 33 in the local detention centre, and a burning desire among them all to go back home.
“Welcome to Russia. We’re delighted to have visitors, but you mustn’t forget, you are guests here.”

Russia Knows How to Deal With Rapey Migrants
While a lot of European men are wearing skirts and practically begging refugees not to sexually assault women, Russian men are sticking to wearing pants.
In the meantime, in Europe, feminized men are making fools of themselves and women are scratching their heads asking; Where the hell are our men? 
Right here ladies...
Listen to the end of the video;
"Hey men, here's a tip, remove your pair from the feminist hands, which they are now held, re-attache and revolt."
What does that say? Women want men to be who we where meant to be, and they have had enough of the lowly feminist...and her mangina...
Don't worry ladies, most of us are still here and we heard you.

This might be the only way to protect our women's (wives, gf, daughters, mothers, sisters) rights and freedoms.
It's not the feminized skirt wearing mangina that's going to do it.
Remember, not all women are feminists, those who aren't are the ones who understand the circle of life.
Freedom does not really exist if men don't get involve in defending it.

Just give the feminists to the refuges,
after all...their stupidity go hand in hand with their idiocy.

Would like to say not all of those who come from North Africa and the Middle east are like this but...
The way they treat women, it's getting harder...to believe otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Feminism=women's worst enemy.


BlackWolf said...

Yes, and women are starting to notice, feminists have feminized the male population so much, specially in europe, women are starting to realize, this was not a good thing when they see their men, wearing...f*cking skirts.
I do believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of feminism and their manginas..
In the least, this issue, is a great one to point out, the damages they have caused and the "importance" of the masculine male's existence in order to keep women safe.
Unless of course one lives in western europe, then one is basically,...screwed.