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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Claims of voter fraud in Iowa? Hillary claims win after loosing, Anti-Trump establishment.

------It's no secret, cruz and rubio are at the head of the pack in bringing in more immigrants to satisfy their donors and backers. the very idea that these 2 represent conservatism is laughable at best, I guess conservatism doesn't mean what it use to.

One of Marco Rubio’s Biggest Financial Backers to Tally Iowa Caucuses
Microsoft volunteered to provide the technology to help tally up the results of Iowa’s caucus, free of charge… The contests in both parties are expected to go down to the wire… Pete D’Alessandro, who runs the Sanders operation in Iowa, last week questioned the tech giant’s motivations… Other aides to Sanders noted that Microsoft employees have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign, according to MSNBC. “You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free,” D’Alessandro said.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a member of Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration lobbying firm FWD.us and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is a co-chair of the immigration lobbying firm the Partnership for a New American Economy—along with Fox News’s founder Rupert Murdoch.

Both immigration lobbying firms have endorsed and lobbied for Marco Rubio’s 2015 immigration expansion bill—known as the Immigration Innovation Act, or I-Sqaured—which would have tripled the issuances of low-wage H-1B guest worker visas.

In 2007, Bill Gates even testified before Congress and called for an unlimited number skilled foreign workers—particularly in engineering—to be admitted into the country. “My basic view is that the country should welcome as many of those people as we can get,” Gates declared. “Even though it may not be realistic, I don’t think there should be any limit.”
However, according to U.S. census data there are more than 11 million Americans with degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) who lack employment in these fields. In fact, U.S. schools are graduating two times more students with STEM degrees than are annually finding employment in these fields.

In Florida, scores of Marco Rubio’s own constituents were laid off by Disney and were forced to train their low-wage foreign replacements brought in on H-1B visas.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) has similarly been subject to intense criticism for his position on the H-1B issue. Cruz has previously expressed his support for expanding the H-1B program– and even introduced an amendment to the 2013 Rubio-Schumer bill that would have resulted in a 500% increase of the H-1B program.

In stark contrast to Rubio’s position, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who is self-funding his campaign, has taken a firm position against H-1B “job theft.” Trump has told Breitbart News that Rubio ought to “immediately rescind his sponsorship of the I-Squared bill and apologize to every Floridian for endorsing it… [as well as] return the money he [Rubio] has received from Silicon Valley CEOs and to donate the money to a charity helping unemployed Americans whose jobs Rubio has helped to destroy.

-----We know that large corporations depend on cheap labor, this is no secret, one does not have to research, simple listen...
For example, I had to deal with a bank recently, and a phone company, both had overseas workers, or hired overseas companies to deal with their customers. You know what I'm talking about, it's not racism, you feel like saying; "nothing against you but could you PLEASE put someone on that speaks better English?"
So the idea that corporations depend on foreign workers is not far fetch, it's reality. Goes to ask what the heck do they have against hiring people from their own back yard...There are plenty of people with families who need those jobs,,,,
Well, it's cheaper to go abroad or hire immigrants and more profitable, 1 billion is never enough, they need more at our expense. Immigration is fine, if the lack of experienced workers in your own country is non-existent, but that is not the case is it?
Cheaper workforce goes against, Donald Trump and for.... cruz and rubio. And those 2 claim they are conservatives???

Did Microsoft Commit Voter Fraud In Iowa To Ensure Donald Trump’s Defeat?
The “Rubio surge” makes no sense whatsoever, matching neither what I saw on the ground or what pollsters were reporting. There’s now evidence to suggest that Rubio’s unexpectedly good performance—coming in a close third behind Trump—was the result of voter fraud committed by Microsoft and sanctioned by the RNC. While it’s too early to make a definite call, given that Donald Trump stands against everything that the GOP establishment represents, it’s not out of the question that they would try to fight him with foul play.
Trump’s rallies consistently drew crowds that were larger than all the other candidates’ (Democratic and Republican) combined. Only Bernie Sanders can attract audiences that can compete with Trump in terms of size, though Trump still outpaces Sanders by a wide margin. 
Conversely, Marco Rubio could barely move the needle in terms of audience size. His Indianola event drew 150-200 people at most.
Not one single poll in the run-up to the caucus indicated that he would surge to 23 percent, and no one can pinpoint a single reason why Rubio over-performed in the actual vote.

While Hillary’s supporters are trying to spin this as a victory, a saying I read years ago describes the Democratic situation perfectly: if a lightweight fights a heavyweight to a draw, the lightweight won. The vote between Sanders and Clinton was never supposed to be this close, because the very structure of the Democratic nomination was designed to elect Hillary. If the best she can pull off is a draw when she has the media and party machinery on her side, it speaks to how weak she is as a candidate.

-----Though the voter fraud argument is hard to pin point, one has to admit, manipulation is out there. The cruz bunch sending emails or whatever saying that Ben Carson had pulled out and he was endorsing cruz, an hour before the vote started, points to it. Carson supporters in Iowa would go for cruz.
As for rubio, the lack of interest by Iowa's voters, and him coming so close to Trump, shows something is very wrong with this picture...
Your not going to see this in the media of course, even Fox news is pushing ABT (anybody but Trump).
 Let's get real, if the establishment, the media is judged to be responsible for his lost of the nomination, a good chunk of his supporters will stay home. Handing the keys to the white house to the democrats.

As for clinton, her claim that she won made many laugh, as Trump said, if flipping a coin makes one claim victory...well.
That said, Sanders comes even and she get the super delegates, and this is democracy???
Her claim to her "experience" should scare the heck out of anyone, looking at her true past, from defending a rapist, to Benghazi, to her email fiasco, to blaming the women who where abused by wild bill, is not exactly something that encourages confidence.
But her final and most important claim to fame and the oval office is, "it's time for a woman", yyya, f*ck the policies, let's just elect someone because of gender, that should turn out fine...

Caucuses are different than primaries, actually caucuses should be replaced by primaries, too easy to manipulate the vote.

As  for voter manipulation, here's one for ya...
1 in 4 Federal Employees Say They Will Consider Quitting If Trump Elected
Does anyone actually believe they will quit their posh jobs, and even if they do, go ahead, there are thousands waiting to take their place.
Gotta love them. Their idiocy goes hand in hand with their stupidity. But what's worse is, they think this will influence votes. Well, maybe for the typical sheeple.

So, clinton lost big time, Sanders won, simply because she was the "CHOSEN ONE" BY THE ESTABLISHMENT, BIG MONEY AND THE PARTY ITSELF. And with all that, came even with Sanders. (supposedly)
Cruz and rubio's win was dubious, and let's say cruz win was normal, forgetting what he did to Carson, the evangelical vote will not help him in the coming primaries, this was a one time thing.

It's not that we endorse Trump, but from an independent view, the professional politician, or elitist, backed by the lobbying groups like microsoft, facebook and others,  is what got all of us in this mess to begin with.
Say one thing at nominations, something else during presidential elections, then something else when in office is the norm lately. Claiming to be conservative, or in clinton's case a progressive, is manipulation of the message for the purpose of power and that is what's destroying our democracies.
Whatever one thinks of Trump, government's are the biggest business in the land, and maybe we should take emotions and blind loyalty out of the equation and take a chance on someone other than the professional politician, the elitist or those who only have their race or gender to fall on and give someone else a chance.
If you listen closely to Trump, he specifically says he doesn't have to be president, if he doesn't win he goes back to his business, therefore he doesn't do it for power but to serve.
Isn't that one thing, worth a second look?

Personally, I am sick and tired of been told one thing, then they do something else, we just went through that type of election here in Canada. We are totally dependent on the American economy, which, if we are smart, will pay attention to the election to the south, not too tell people how to vote, we don't have that right, but we do have the right to an opinion.

In closing...
If we give up our right to chose those whom we put in office by following corporate greed, lobbyists, and special interest groups, then we do not deserve democracy, we deserve everything that comes with following instead of voicing our rights and freedoms.

But...what do I know, I don't have a special interest group backing me, I'm just an independent voice.
Remember, true democracy depends on your voice, not money.

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