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Monday, February 1, 2016

Canada's CBC getting on the anti-Trump Propaganda. Believes they speak for Canadians.

President Donald Trump would be bad for Canada, Canadians suggest in new poll
Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fare better with Canadian respondents
(Wow, big surprise there, the cbc chearleading for clinton.....as for bernie sanders???? Really...lol.)

The poll by Insights West was conducted between January 24 and 26, 2016, interviewing 1,002 Canadians via the Internet. As the poll was conducted online, a margin of error does not apply.
(Anyone remember seeing such a poll online??? And nevertheless, an online poll...lol)

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(That's because they didn't like the results, people are putting up)

People we talked too consider clinton to be a liar, a feminist, untrustworthy, an elitist, part of the problem with politics. So on...(And Bush for that matter, People really don't like Bush)

To be fair, people here, that do follow politics down south don't know what to think about the Donald, but they do know and admit, there is a major problem with politics, refugees, and the economy and maybe someone with business experience might be a good idea.
But to say most Canadians are against him...that's propaganda.

As for what the CBC, it's reporters, anchors, have become to Canadians when they are in front of a camera...trying to tell us what to think, believe, who to follow or vote for...
This explains it all...
 They are a joke....


Anonymous said...

LOL,love ur analogy of the cbc

BlackWolf said...

LOL, thanks.