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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A personal thought on; The P.C. crowd, feminism, manginism, the hijab and backward policies.

 The video shows the true nature of womanhood, caring, nurturing and not afraid to show the female character, no matter what professional field they chose. When they do this, they show self-respect, strength of character, an identity which is their own instead of someone else's, and by this action, show their opposites, the importance of always been what nature demands of them.
When we think of the politically correct squad out there trying their best to change society according to their twisted views, goes to wonder why. What's wrong with been what nature intended us to be?

I was watching a show last night, The World Before Her, it was about 2 groups of women in India, a fundamentalist Hindu group and the Miss India Pageant.
The fundamentalists want to keep the old, while the other want to be modern.

The same battle for women is happening in the muslim world, women where making inroads for freedom in the 70's and 80's, but lost the fight for now, due to the rise of fundamentalism. Brought on with the help of the west's meddling in what they did not fully understand.
And what are those crazy P.C. dumb-asses trying to do? Bring here what women over there consider abusive towards women.

This same group, the P.C. crowd, composed of what's left of feminism, males who gave their balls away to them, aka the lowly mangina, and everyone else who suffer from an ugly inferiority complex, those who shame women for been thin and healthy, lonely cat loving man-haters, so on; chose a man dressed as a woman to promote woman of the year, basically saying those are better at been women than...women.
Then, they go on, telling women if they don't vote for other women, they are chasing boys and will go to hell, but now they are trying to put women's rights backwards by promoting what the majority of women in the middle east consider to be abusive and controlling, the hijab.

Fortunately, women have their own ideas on what is right and wrong these days,  (Protest to counter Hijab Day at Ottawa City Hall) without the step backwards these P.C. groups seem to endorse. And the old guard, who are stuck in the past, twisting what the meaning of freedoms is for their own benefit are loosing at a rate never seen before.
Young ladies would rather listen to the policies of a 74 year old man than to vote for an bunch of ol'dinosaur feminists who promote modernism by attacking anyone who doesn't think like them or adopting an abusive piece of clothing, believing they speak for all women.

If this new generation, bring with them, their own gender identity, into modernism and are not afraid to express it, then there is a chance that our society might survive.
The push towards a twisted society, P.C.'s, feminists, manginas, have tried to install on them has backfired big time, the young have realized, these groups are not advancing rights for anyone when they promote backwardness, what they are really doing is a from of thought control, telling the young how they should behave, who they should support, who and what they should be.

If these idiots would truly understand what the hijab means to the majority of women in the muslim world, they would not promote it, what they would do is promote the free choices of women to be who they want to be without the obstruction of fundamentalist dictation by the old guard.
The hijab, the burka, is been used by a backward view of Islam, to control people (women) in the muslim world, it's not just women, men and children are also on their sights. Though we must admit it is the women who are the target for now.
The women who are left behind in these countries are the ones suffering, where modernism almost took hold, it is now gone, instead of thinking of them, they have been abandoned and what they fight against is brought here as a form of modern female expression?

All that said; Be aware of what the hijab reaaly represents to those who dictate Islamic laws...
Australia’s Islamic Cleric Sheikh Taj Ul Din Al-Hilali, described  women who don’t wear headscarves (Hijab) as “ Uncovered meat” who invite rape.
This is a popular belief among most cleric and those who promote sharia law, just look up what's going on in europe, many have said that europen women who do not cover up, wear perfume, are asking to be disrespected, even raped. (cologne germany for instance)
Look at this video, (before it get's banned), as the "english speaker" claims, these are not radical views, it's a general views every muslim (men in that room) has, as in "how many of you believes men and women should sit separate?""...
How many "moderates" raised their hands?
That's where the idea of the hijab comes from, "cover or your a ....".

So, why the heck would they promote this over here as if it empowers women???
And isn't it an hypocritical thing to do, forgetting women in muslim countries are told to cover up, if they don't they risk a violent reaction?
Here is some more info....especially about women. What is a woman wearing a hijab worth?

They claim not all muslims are the same or radicals, ok, we accept that, but if they say nothing against the abuse against women, girls, what does that make them?

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