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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wow, fox news channel just shot itself in the foot, thanks to; meggyn kelly, micheal moore???, even O'reilly.

Let's start with this report explaining what's going on at Fox with:
FOX HAS LOST IT!With Dennis Michael Lynch

Lynch brings up the report Breitbart made on the megyn kelly, I.E.; The kelly files fiasco.
The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

Then, watched the o'reilly factor and Bill was practically begging Trump to show up at the debate on Jan. 28., even trying to insult him by calling him a buffoon. Which Trump slapped back at him.
If Trump who have asked him to get on his knees, he would have done it,(sarcasm) the way he was trying to push Trump to show up.
You could see Trump was enjoying making fox grobble.
If that's not enough, fox channel's big wigs put out a meme about Trump that could only be described as...childish.

After all this, you have megyn kelly, the kelly files, inviting frigging micheal moore, REALLY?
Holy sh*t, if there's anything that would shock their viewers that was it. And if you watched the show, the only thing you saw is a love fest between kelly and moore.
That was a disturbing thing to watch to say the least.

When you go to kelly's facebook page, it's not going well for her.
To try to embarrass Trump by inviting Moore??? What the f*ck where they thinking?

Msnbc had a more "fair and balanced" look at all this, (for a few minutes) which surprised the hell out of me.
Of course msnbc has it's own agenda, they had someone today, Jan 28, saying he didn't know any vet who supports the Donald...Yet.
Vets for Trump.
As for those who said they don't want the money, are they serious, the money is in dire need and helps those who have been wounded. Forget the politics, don't have to support Trump, just say thank you and help out those and their family who need help with the money. Who is playing politics with the live of vets?

If I was Trump I would have a news conference with the women and men who work for him, and have the medias ask, especially the women if there is a "war on women" as kelly asked in the first debate, anywhere in his company. From what I can tell, the policy inside his business is, all are treated equally and get equal pay for equal work.
This goes against the obvious "gottya question" kelly tried to paste on him.
It was a direct attack and pretty insulting when one treat his employees with respect.
As for kelly's war on women moment, we all know this does not exist, since we all have women in our lives, as in daughters, sisters, mothers, wives. Sure there is discrimination, against some groups by a small minority, but that doesn't make it a war on anyone, specially women.
If one watches the kelly files, and is able to read between the lines, you can easily see she is a left wing feminist covered by a right wing blanket, because of her job at fox and their viewers.

As for fox and company (the msm) and the rest of the candidates who are jumping on the bandwagon, cruz saying he is afraid or rubio's "it's a side show", (trump's pro-vet show), They will loose support if the other republican candidate show up. They will make it more viable in the eyes of the electorate.
It's not that we support Trump, what we see is the meltdown of the elitist, the establishment, the main stream media, who thought they controlled elections.
Putting megyn kelly as a moderator after what they knew damn well, Trump did not like her line of questioning was a direct attack at him...Didn't work and from what the polls are saying today...a whale of a backlash.

I can't believe I am saying this but I will be watching CNN tonight, and hope that other candidates, which have now realize Trump will probably be the nominee, show up with him. This can only help them in their popularity.
If there is anything important and in the hearts of Americans is their vets, and the media trying to minimize it, will regret it big time.

I'm still shocked, fox news and micheal moore??? Smells of desperation.
Watch their ratings drop off the cliff...


Anonymous said...

well put,not a fan of msnbc, cnn, and now fox.
Definetly shot themselves in the foot with that one.

BlackWolf said...

I agree, they also showed their true colors, no different than the others they yap about.