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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why fighting gun control is now more important than ever. Is 2016, the year sh*t will hit the fan, will you be ready?

Gun control is no longer about hunting, that is way down the line, it's about freedoms. The left, if that's what you want to call them are adamant about gun control, but if you look deep inside their argument, you will find, adding their anti-democratic policies and the greed they are well known for, are on a path to dictatorial rule. Telling us how to behave, who not to criticize, and that we no longer have a choice. True freedoms is about respecting the idea that some have opposing opinions.

If it's not the idiocy of global warming which "I invented the Internet" al gore, who told us ten years ago that in ten years there would be no more glaciers, yet they are on the increase, or clinton, who says she is for women's rights, yet defends rapists, sides with an abuser of women in her husband, all the while demeaning the victims, and believes we have been visited by aliens, it's the idea that these people, (here in Canada also, like Suzuki and the recent elected tree huggers) live in castles, travel in limos, and jets, have yachts, all of which uses massive amount of oil, taking us for dummies to be lead by the nose ring just like a cow to the slaughter.

It's no longer about left or right for that matter, it's about us, those who just scratch our heads and wonder how far they will dare to go until they realize they have gone too far.
Western governments who have been in the grips of those who believe they are the privilege elitist, are just about bankrupt, and morally decadent.
What is worse are those who support what they know deep inside that the path we are on is self-destructive but will vote for someone because of race and or gender, without looking at what they have done in the past, what their true nature are, or what they offer as policies.
You want to see how far they will go to curb our freedoms to a point of revolution, just watch what they will do to Trump, since he is not part of their little private circle...
(Not siding with anyone, just trying to prove a point, and to piss some people. lol.)
Since government is the biggest business of any country, why not take a chance on a successful business man. Policy wise, this makes a hell of a lot more sense than voting for someone who claims a certain gender as her primary reason to be president.

It has begun....
The next powder keg will be in the gulf states, especially the Saudis, those countries are as bad as Hussein and Qaddafi, if not worse. (Our allies)
They have told us, wrongly, that all this is terrorism, but that is not the whole truth, the middle east will explode even further because of the hatred between two sides of Islam, Sunni vs Shia. Probably drawing us in their crap.
The other thing is, (just for the sake of argument) bomb the shit out of an area for 20 years and someone is bound to get pissed off and hate us, we would do the same if the roles where reverse. Violence promotes a violent reaction.

What about Russia and Putin, I fully support Trumps idea that talking to him is more beneficial to our economy and security than adding them to our list of enemies. If the Warsaw pact had won the cold war instead of NATO, and they would encroach on the borders of the U.S., through Mexico or Canada, the American government would do exactly what Russia is doing in Ukraine. As for Syria, we now know it is better to have a secular government than what our side is responsible for in Libya, and other places we tried to "impose" our way on a foreign land.
Listen closely to what he says and tell me you do not relate...

The point to all this? All hell is breaking loose and they know damn well, it's only a matter of time, when this crap happens here. We are all tired of been told how to act and how to behave while they take from us and mismanage our tax dollars.
An elitist does not have policies that benefits people, (Do they ever do what they promise once they get elected?), they "impose" their personal ideas and beliefs on the rest of us, telling us we should be like them. When we look at where they are from, we see the true nature of where they got theirs. Privileged spoiled brats who where never put in a situation most of us live with every day, so out of touch that their answer is to control, instead of listening.

They know shit is going to hit the fan, that their way is not our ways, and that is why, gun control comes into effect, and as hitler said; "the way to control people is take away their guns".
After all, the most dangerous threat to their posh position is a people who have just about had enough and as we all know, no system last forever, eventually, when the elitist is comfortable and no longer afraid of it's population, greed and corruption always settles itself into our lives.
A revolution is always inevitable when the people can no longer afford to live comfortably, we can't afford hydro, food, entertainment, so we start looking at why this is so...and when we do, we start realizing who is responsible.
When those responsible start to fear their own people, laws are passed to control us more and more and we get more and more pissed...
This is the circle that has begun...
Where it will lead us....
I do believe we are close to finding out...

I hope that I am wrong, no one wants to see bad things happen, but if it does, it is not our fault but those who put all this in motion.

The N.C. Chronicles does not believe we are at a point of no return, or that violence is the answer, or guns for that matter, this post, and it's opinions are a warning of what could happen if we don't get our sh*t together and take back, our democratic rights.

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