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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When you just realize your refugee policy created a backlash...pretend you care.

John McCallum cautions against putting Syrian refugees 'ahead of the queue'
Immigration Minister John McCallum says the government must take care not to put the needs of Syrian refugees ahead of Canadians waiting in line for various social assistance programs, in an effort not to stoke anti-refugee sentiment.
"It's a delicate balance," said McCallum as he and Health Minister Jane Philpott held a news conference in Ottawa to mark the arrival of more than 10,000 Syrian refugees.
"We want to welcome all of these refugees with open hearts and with love the way Canadians have, but at the same time we are mindful that we don't want to offend Canadians who have themselves been waiting for a long time for social housing and things of that nature," McCallum said in Ottawa on Wednesday.
While Canadians have expressed a lot of goodwill towards Syrian refugees, some anti-refugee sentiment has been on display in various cities across the country.
"I think what happened in Vancouver was an isolated case," McCallum said of a pepper spray attack against a group of Syrian refugees who had just arrived in Canada.
In November, a Peterborough mosque was set ablaze. Police said they were investigating as a hate crime.
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Add the negative emails they have been getting and all of sudden, they make it look like they are changing their position to calm the population down...
This is the guy who, no more than a week ago was pushing his pro-refugee policy as if no one had a choice.
We have no problem helping out, but they better understand the good will of Canadians extends to our own first.
The more refugees, the more you'll need permanent residence, usually in housing projects. It's already bad enough when poor Canadian families have to wait 7 to 10 years for affordable housing, Even if it's not in housing, this will increases rents due to the lack of vacancies in cities, and the poor, disabled, and elderly won't be able to afford a decent place to live even more.
There has been a backlash against refugees everywhere in the west, and what happened in Cologne Germany, didn't help them any, just look up what is happening in Sweden.
However you look at this it's not only the poor who suffer, but also the middle class, all that "money for others than your own" has to come from somewhere, and it's not the elitists that's gonna pay for it.
So, are they changing their minds and listening to their own peoples complaints...NO. They are just making look like they are listening, people like that don't change their minds, it's against their character. This is called...appeasement. Better known as...propaganda.

Rents, food, hydro, all cost of living is going up, salaries are going down, yet we should be proud we are helping others instead of our own.....
How long does such a society survive...My guess is we will soon find out.

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