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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Watch for the rise of the extreme right, thanks to the left and their out of touch policies on refugees.

In the 1930's for example (though there are many other instances), the rise of the extreme right was preceded by left wing governments. Started in Italy, then Germany, Spain, central Europe, so on.
Heck, even the U.S. had it's extreme right in the 30's.
 Madison square garden-1939
(Fascist emblem between the flags)
No one was immune.

With what's happening in Europe, countries like Sweden, France, Germany, so on, I guaranty extreme right parties will make inroads in the next few years, it is inevitable. The left tried so hard with the help of the puppets in the media, to push a "we love everyone, the world has changed" policy, we are now finding out, that is not exactly true.
(Some countries like Poland, Hungary, and a few other have already begin to say, no way.)

Oh, sure, we in the west tried, but the problem is, the rest of the world does not feel or act the same way we do. They don't have the same values as we do, nor the same ambitions. And that is where the clash begins, people simply realizing that the "kumbaya circle of lovely people" simply doesn't exist.
The left right now is in a panic mode, they try their best to put a brave face on the mess they created, but are privately realizing they made one h*ll of a mistake in identifying their own people and their patience.

Of course not all refugees are bad people, the problem is, when you bring so many in one short time, who will they associate with, people of their new home, or their own?
And once they group themselves together, their values take precedence and clash with those around them. That creates 2 groups, the majority and an embolden minority.
And when the majority is not pleased with the fast pace of changing demographics, they look for someone to protect them and their way of life, they feel threatened by those who tell them to accept or else, values are so different that resentment sets in.
Who do we have to thank for all this?
People who falsely believed we live in a world full of "flower throwing make love not war of the past" individuals. These misinformed folks live in an enclosed world where they never experience the true nature of human behavior, rich elitist, their kids, and so on. While the rest of us live in the real world. Why is it that rich and affluent neighborhoods do not take in refugees in their massive homes???

The point is, as those of us who are informed know, the world is not a pretty place, it doesn't take much to resent anyone who push their ways forcefully, unfortunate but true.
We are at the precipice of total destruction, those who live in a "lala imaginary land of make believe" think they changed the world. This would be nice, less wars and hate, sounds real good, then we could concentrate on caring for those who need it.
But that is not the world we live in...is it?
Unless of course you had your head in the sand all this time...
Where those flower child descendant and the left want you.
Frankly, who knows what the future holds, but you can be certain of this, the system we have in the west is what got us here, so if it backfires, where will people go to feel safe and protect the values passed down to them by their ancestors?
Only one more place to go, thanks to those who imposed their ideas on us, without looking, researching and even asking...
And who will suffer if all this explodes???
Under these circumstances are we really protecting them and their rights to a secure future...
I wonder....

And as if all this is not enough, feminists are now turning against the very women they said had the right to be whatever they wanted, just like men... All of a sudden women, especially in Europe are shaking their heads realizing feminism was never about women's rights but personal power in order to enrich themselves personally at the expense of everyone, even them.
I don't want my daughters to "modify their behavior" to accommodate those who believe they don't have the rights to walk the streets alone without a male escort...or have to cover their faces, can't drive a car, or are murdered under their honor killing policy if they do not do what the males in their family dictate.

Both civilization are poles apart, take for instance, the slut walk, ol'hags who would never take part promotes it, young girls participate, try that in a muslim community, or country, they would get stoned to death. By the way, it's the same with the male population when it comes to those who think of themselves as Elitists, ol'men create wars, young men fight them. So when it comes to those with power over people, there is no difference between the feminist and those whom they bitch about, both are the same. Ironic isn't it?

We have posted about slut walks on many occasions, it demeans young girls and the word slut itself is derogatory towards all women. Out of respect for the ladies, we do not support it, and have been critical of it. But...
As  much as we find it disturbing and oppose it, (and watch it go away and community leaders banning it, so as to not offend the increased refugees in their area), we accept that they have the right to march as sluts if they want to. One thing about western values is that for every position there is an opposing one, it's called respect for freedom and democracy.

In closing;
When you have such a difference of values, immigration has to be handled with kid gloves, one has to look at the big picture, been a humanitarian is fine, but not at the expense of one's own back yard.
When people feel threatened they will go to those who offer some form of normalcy, and sometimes, mistakes are made, even if it seems to be the right thing at the right time.
2016, will be a very interesting year, will they realize mistakes where made, will they try to relax a bit and let people breathe, or will they continues to "impose" on the rest of us...
It's not hard to tell refugees that since they are looking for a better life, we have that, but the reason we have it is because of our values, and since they are escaping their country, and the mess they are in, they shouldn't try to bring that problem they are running from...here.

The N.C. Chronicles doe not promote or support hate or violence, we only try to inform...
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Anonymous said...

I consider myself on the left of the political map and i have to admit,you make a valid point.Its a warning that must be taken seriously.Well done.

BlackWolf said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's already started, the extreme right are doing pretty good specially in Europe. Next,our turn.