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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

University professor actually threatens to FIGHT students who invited Ben Shapiro to speak on campus

It's a case of the professor behaving as badly as student activists.
Right-wing author Ben Shapiro was invited to speak at California State University at Los Angeles on February 25. Naturally, left-wing students claimed this violated their safe space.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: High school administrator dismisses students from Ben Shapiro speech to 'protect their feelings'

One student posted how the group who invited Shapiro, 'Young Americans for Freedom' (who invited Shapiro to talk about safe spaces and the lack of free speech on campus), were “a bunch of racists”.

The student went on to write, “Grow some balls and ovaries and deal with the changing tide and don't masquerade your racist views and beliefs as an attack on freedom of speech.”

It's hilarious to see left-wing activists pull out the race card in an attempt to silence discussion and then claim they're not against free speech.

Another student, Cecilia Villarreal, wrote: “how is this hostile event acceptable on our campus? I think it poses a threat to campus safety.”

Worst of all, however, was Professor Robert Weide, who teaches sociology with an emphasis on criminology.

On Facebook, he wrote, “FYI tough guy provocateurs we have an open mat on campus in the gym in the USU building at 1PM Friday and noon on Saturday if you want to show us your white supremacy. Heads up though, I lift bro...”

Lets see if a patriotic student takes Robert Weide up on his offer and knocks some sense into him.
We, (the west) are in deep sh*t, when freedom of speech is attacked and threatened. 
Free speech, true free speech is about listening to opposing views, to be informed, when one side tries to curtail the other, this is no longer a promotion of democracy but one of totalitarianism.
And when this is encouraged, specially in the education system, well, you can kiss goodbye to free expression in the near future and most probably look forward to some type of violent revolution because the opposing sides are too far apart.
Funny thing is, it's not the right that is attacking free speech anymore, if ever, it's the left that came out of the 60's and 70's free love and free expression. Ironic isn't it?
This is the generation that stopped a war in the far east, the one that said free speech and the right to life was important, the ones that blamed Nixon for the lack of free expression, the generation that supposedly fought for the rights of others to live in a freer and peaceful society.
They have become what they fought so hard to prevent?
What about those who will come out of this generation of pansies and pussies, what will they try in 20 years time, better yet, where will society be when those who come out of today's education system take power? If we even get there. By the way things are going, the division between opposing sides are so immense, will they even be able to reach that point.
What we are looking at is the slow death of a society, it's too bad, because if any had the chance to show the world, there was another way, other than war and revolution it was us, now we are just another self destructive group.
I'm glad I am older, in my lifetime I have seen the slow deterioration of what could have been. I wouldn't want to bring up kids in this generation of confusion and an out balance world.
I guess it's true what historian have always said;
"No system, no matter how well intentioned it is, lasts forever."
Question now is, what will come out of all this.
We seen this before, the arrogance of royalty produced the french revolution, ww1 the Russian, ww2 the Chinese. 
Whenever a system starts to fail, like ours is now, the elite find themselves a quiet little war, a last ditch effort to hang on to power, we see this with what's going on today.
Then comes the major one when that doesn't work, probably against Russia or China. Or even both?
Then comes revolution, Europe and Asia experienced it, is it our turn?
Whatever is coming, the next 10 to 20 years will prove to be...interesting, to say the least.
The warnings are there, problem is, no one is listening.

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