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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Chris Gayle broo ha ha...Oh! The Fuck*ng hypocrisy of the social justice feminist mangina warrior.

You search about the so called controversy of Chris Gayle asking a female reporter for a date and the results against him are endless...
Everyone looking for a pat on the back from the sjw and their feminist masters have their 2 cents in it.
Then you get what I call the Bill Cosby effect, he said she said, since I`m a woman, it must be true, no matter what I did in the past.
In order to create a certain narrative with a number of women making accusations against Cosby, the media has largely ignored the questionable, and in some cases, criminal backgrounds of some of the women who have made claims.
Now if any of the accusations against Cosby are true, then justice should definitely be served. But if there are people with shady backgrounds making false accusations against Cosby in order to file civil cases to scam money from Cosby, then the background of these people should be known as well.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, some woman who walked in a athletes dressing room, claims, and does not want to be identified, (surprise surprise), says this about Chris Gayle...
Chris Gayle exposed himself to me
In the course of her work she entered the team dressing room to get a sandwich as she hadn't eaten all day, thinking the players were on the field training.
The female employee involved in last year's incident does not want to be identified, but has explained she was motivated to tell her story "in support of [Channel Ten reporter] Mel McLaughlin last night, and to support the many other women working as career professionals in sport who shouldn't have to put up with this kind of treatment".
Not making any judgements on any of these 2 stories, but pointing out the reality and background.
It`s up to you to decide, but do it with the full story...
Here is a simple question, what is a woman doing walking into a male athletes dressing room.
Do male reporters walk in a female dressing room...

Here is more on the double standards...
Sunrise reporter Nuala Hafner asked a man if he was single on live TVFootage from 2014 has resurfaced on social media in wake of Chris Gayle

Coming back to the dating controversy;
I guess the idea of all this is, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire. It's no big deal, if something like this happens, you say yes or no, or if you don't like the idea of been ask for a date on live tv, just tell the person...and move on.. Been asked for a date should be taken as a compliment, it simply means your hot and good looking, and if your secure in your skin, you perfectly capable of handling the situation.
Believe it or not, this is normal human behavior, if men and women don't get together, there is no human race, it's not sexist, nor is it sexual harassment.
That said; what if it was the other way around, would the idiotic media and the sjw make a big deal out of it, or just giggle and let it pass?
Well it has happened before, when a female athlete made a pass at a male reporter and guess what, no one thought bad of it. No one accused her of sexual harassment. So why the heck is it so bad when a man does it???
That's because feminists and their mangina lap dogs have targeted women has been permanent victims who can not defend themselves because they are considered weak. They make out women to be unable to handle a simple situation like been asked for a date, or been called baby.
They yap out women can do every thing a man can do, but only if they are treated with kid gloves.

Now in the real world, women do have to be respected, after all, we (men) all have mothers, some of us even have daughters, (unless one is a feminist or a mangina, those people are immaculately concepted), but they also have to have some degree of personal strength, capable of handling such a small situation as to be asked out on a date.

As for the normal women out there, who complain that men no longer ask them out on dates, now you know why. You see, sometimes when men, or women for that matter, are attracted to the opposite sex, we have a tendency to either be really diplomatic about it or sometimes we make fools of ourselves. It`s not sexual harassment, it`s just human nature.

Fortunately, most men and women do not react the way these idiots did with Chris Gayle, we just say yes or no and move on with our lives.

In closing, here`s a thought;
Ladies, the next time some good looking guy your interested in, walks towards you and you think he might ask you out, but all of a sudden walks away, maybe it`s because he said to himself; Ah! Sh*t, maybe she`ll accuse me of sexual harassment if I ask her out...
And that has happened because you let a small minority of insecure feminist and manginas speak for you and say nothing when you do not agree with them.
If it`s not man-spreading, and by the way, women do it also with their packages and purses on buses, putting them beside themselves so as to not let anyone sit, it`s stare rape, did you know some western countries can fine a man if he looks at a woman...
The point to all this is, can you speak for yourself or do you let insecure people with an inferiority complex, do it for you.

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