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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Return or the Warrior series; Must watch honest video; 16 y/o German girl talks about her fears.

Take the time to watch this video, it's well worth it...Why?
Because this young lady, our future, is begging to be protected...
Something the left, feminism and manginas will not and cannot do...
If I may; She's not asking feminists and manginas to protect her, they are the ones who caused this, she's asking...MEN.

In the west we have the left overs of the 60's and 70's, free love and drugs generation, what's left of the feminists, the evolution of that movement, the radicals like femen, and of course the male feminist aka, the mangina.
In their mist, a new generation, like this 16 year old and so many others, which feel that they are not been protected by those in power. Their feelings, thoughts and experiences that they are experiencing today will travel with them as the get older. Their childhood fears and what is around them will shape their character and as they become adults, when they take power, in bureaucracy, governments and businesses, in their timeline, what the past thought them will guide their path...
And the low lives who put them through the fears they experienced will be wiped off the face of the Earth, and hopefully balance will return, with the reality that people do not always mix, foreign ideology can be destructive, demonizing one gender over the other, offers no true protection of rights and freedoms, and it is best, to look after your own, all the while helping those in need, as long as they do it, in their own land, without bringing all them amongst us.

And the fool who does not realize this, and tries to continue this destructive behavior, or tries to continue it through his or her kids, will only accelerate their own demise. Such a group will be ridiculed and shunned, not because of who they are, but because of what the past thought us.

The time of the self loathing feminist and her weak mangina is coming to an end, the rise of the warrior nations is coming back, (we can see this in the video above, with the demand for protection) not to make war, not to kill, not to destroy, but to offer a balance, to protect the right of others and especially to offer women, children and the Elders, a place where they can thrive in peace and security.
The imaginary land of make believe, where all are in a circle singing kumbaya does not exist, we know that now, it is better we all stay in our perspective circle. Maybe some of us are more advance, this means some are still barbarians.

There is just to much evil in this world, (of all kind) there was a time we offered balance, that time is gone for now because of the weakness that came out of the 60's and 70's. The leadership, especially in the west is composed of weakness and an ideal that just does not belong in the natural world.
Eyes are been opened and reality is setting in, and the future generation will bring back what is necessary to live in the real world, with the help, protection and the honor of the Warrior.
I.E.; The real man. For without him, there is no security.

If not that, then the worse is yet to come, and the results will be...devastating.
The warnings are there.
 Doesn't matter who you are, buddist, muslim, christian, atheist, or whatever, the need for the masculine male is now more important than ever.
We have a responsibility, and that  is to protect.


Anonymous said...

Sigh! Foolish girl. You should have put this on a dummy account without video. You will likely be targeted by these gangs now that they can find who you are. I don't think that most men are capable of the kind of violence she is asking of them and after over 50 years of betrayal on the part of women at large, I honestly don't think those who can stop this, will. It is really sad because this generation has no responsibility for that reality.

BlackWolf said...

Though I agree that, specially in germany, sweden and europe as a whole, have men that would wear skirts to make a point in defending their women's rights, as in denmark, I can only speak for myself when I say, dont try this with my daughters, you wouldn't like my reaction.
Women who sided with radical left wing feminism are now paying the price of feminizing their men, Yet, some women did not...those are the ones, we, as men must stand up and defend. Otherwise, feminism won.
Thank you for your comment.