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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New site to compete with facebook. With support of Anonymous. Has the war on women become a reality?

Super-private social network launched to take on Facebook with support of Anonymous.
A new social network, backed by members of Anonymous, hopes to take on Facebook and the other social media giants with a commitment to privacy, security and transparency about how posts are promoted.

The site, Minds.com, has the same basic options as any other social network: users send updates to their followers, who can comment or promote posts that they read. But unlike its competitors it doesn’t aim to make money from gathering data — instead, it encrypts all messages, so that they can’t be read by advertisers or by governments.

The app’s other big differentiating feature from other networks is that it rewards people for interacting with posts, by voting, commenting or uploading. Users are given points that can then be exchanged for views, meaning that the posts of active members will be more promoted by the network.
With what's been happening lately with facebook, I don't think this is such a bad idea, a little competition always destroys the arrogance of a monopoly.
Facebook is well known to impose their idealism on it's members....Practicing censorship and trying to curb free speech. Goes to say; it's not "your page" it's facebooks, under that premise they can do whatever they want, even impose their will on you?

With all the rapes and violence that's been happening in the west, some even finding excuses for these acts, like "they didn't know the rules", people are getting pissed off.
We have all read what the mayor of Cologne Germany, a devout feminist, said about the assaults on women on new years eve. Women should have a code of conduct when it come to foreign men. Her words immediately provoked anger among those who said she appeared to be blaming the victims for the attacks. This is the group (feminists) who, just a few years ago, before the influx of male refugees from muslim countries, demonized western men any occasion they could, saying women have the right to dress the way they want, walk alone in safety, participate in slut walks, without been looked at (stare rape), or touched. Which goes to show the true values of today's feminists, now it's women's faults if they get groped or raped?
Where did that change in ideology come from all of a sudden?

Some vent on the web, instead of taking to the streets like what's happening in Sweden, Finland, (sons of Odin) and many other places where men are deciding to take things into their own hands to protect the ladies..

Facebook Is PURGING Accounts That Use ‘Hate Speech’ Against Muslim Immigrants In Europe!!
It’s unclear just what level of “hate speech” will be targeted for expulsion – is it merely advocating against Muslim immigrants, or does it have to carry a violent tone as well? The promulgation of very vague policy can allow for subjective and selective application in order to stifle dissent instead of violence.

What facebook and the left doesn't understand is, sometimes it is helpful to let the people vent one way or another, it reassures the ladies that men will not put up with this behavior against them and lets the women express themselves freely about what they think of all this.
It also let's those who have bad intent on our women to change their behavior and be aware of "our rules".
The very idea, women should change their behavior to accommodate muslim men's sensibilities is against our way of thinking, shouldn't they change their ideals in order to fit in, if not, then go back to where they come from and implement those rules there. Sharia or whatever they call it has no place in our society, even muslim women should not be put through that kind of restrictive notion.
Cologne Imam says women were raped by Muslim refugees because they wore perfume and dressed half naked
Ever heard of; "Give them an inch and they will take a foot?"
Shouldn't we hear the feminists and her mangina scream about this, why are they quiet all of a sudden?

The lefts worse enemy is not the right, but themselves, they say one thing and change the rules to accommodate the flavor of the month, and facebook is a big part of all this.
Of course we are against violence, up to a certain point, where they treat their women as possessions, our women are treated as equals, and we will defend the rights of our daughters any way we can.
Preventing people from expressing themselves online, will not stop the reaction, some will only express it another way.
They better accept that there is a clash of civilization going on in our mist, we don't have to change for them, they have to change if they want to stay here, otherwise, rape someone, go to our jails and see what happens there.
The war on women, has now truly come to our shores, and all quiet on the feminist front.

The N.C. Chronicles does not blame all for the action of some, we only offers information.

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