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Friday, January 15, 2016

Meet Ontario’s radical new environment commissioner...if you think prices are too high now, wait...

Ontario’s new environment commissioner wants an end to cheap diesel for farmers and a rethink of sprawl-minded transportation and land-use policies, and that’s just for starters.
“We don’t have a true level playing field in transportation, in agriculture, we don’t have it in land development. We have a regulatory system that got us what we’ve got,” says Dianne Sax.
 The new commissioner was drawn to environmental law by “a mad passion for trees and a love for any place you could put a paddle.”
‘Fossil-fuel subsidies do not reduce inequality, they increase inequality. Because most of the money goes to the better-off.’

One sacred cow she’s prepared to harpoon is colored diesel. That’s fuel that’s been sold without the taxes that make up a big part of the pump price. It’s meant to be used industrially, like in farm equipment, and it’s dyed red so that if it’s found in a truck on the road, it’s easy to identify.

Although small farmers are the most visible beneficiaries of tax-free fuel, plenty of it just helps large companies that Ontario should be looking to for innovation, Saxe says. Cheap fuel sabotages that goal. “It just makes it cheaper for them to use more diesel,” she says.

Saxe, who answers to nobody but the legislature, could provide Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government with cover for policy changes it might want to make anyway. Let’s see about diesel and road tolls first, before we wait for big changes to land-use policy.
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Here we go again, tree haggers with a hate on for fossil fuels, imposing their private little ideas on the rest of us, without a care in the world on how this will affect the poor, the disabled and the Elderly.
Not only will this jack up the price of food, which is already out of touch for so many, but all products finding their way into our stores.
Family farms is where most of our foods come from, yet what's important to people like her with a salary that makes sure she doesn't suffer like the rest of us, can push their private idealism without a worry in the world?
The path to a cleaner world is not through more taxes and increase prices, but innovation, if diesels cost a certain amount, replace it with an equal cost effective product, otherwise, this constant increase in the cost of living, destroys families, reduces healthy foods for kids, causes the Elderly to choose between food and medicine, reduces productivity and eventually, bankrupts a nation or in this case...Ontario. Not to mention, it also reduces the birthrate, who can afford kids under these circumstances.
But what do they care, they get paid by governments who think tax payers money is their own private piggy bank. They can impose their private ideals on us without a worry in the world.
Oil under $30, the loonie falls under .70 cents, massive debt and deficits, heck, just print more money that should fix things...(sarcasm)

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