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Friday, January 22, 2016

Maclean's magazine; Opposition to liberals? Your a right-wing extremist.

The angry, radical right
Why a growing number of extremists are lashing out publicly at Muslim immigrants—and Justin Trudeau
The commentators on Never Again are a hodgepodge of Zionists, former and current military, Christian militants, the occasional white nationalist.
When you read the post, you have the feeling everyone, according to maclean, who opposes the current Canadian government is nothing more than a nut job who is a radical that needs to be put away. And to add our military personel in all this, shows their true colors.
First of all that post could have been written about the previous government, there was just as many hateful comments about Harper and the conservatives.
It's true that some, from both sides, which maclean seems to forget, go too far, but that is not because of hate, but fear. 
When you read what's happening in Europe, Australia, and many other places, the assaults, rapes, crimes, trying to implement foreign beliefs like sharia laws, one has reasons to be a tad bit worried, and when one is worried, one goes to an opposing view. Parents worried about the future of their kids is not extremism and those who do describe people as such should look at themselves first.
Majority of people do not threaten anyone, even those who do, it's because no one is listening and one's ideal is imposed on them...it's called anger and having no voice representing your views.
Taking selfies with refugees is fine, even helping is OK, but when you do this, without balancing it out with your own people, then it looks like one is pandering to others rather than those your supposed to represent, and that causes resentment and shows political inexperience.
Also going to a mosque right when 6 Canadians when murdered was not a smart thing to do... Not that thjere' anything wrong with that, but the timing....maybe wait a few weeks?
Those kind of acts are what divides people and cause bitterness.

That's why Trump is so, popular, he talks to Americans and tells them, they are first.
In Canada one person (Kevin O’Leary ) expressed his views on all this and raised eyebrows, "Billion in first 60 days to other countries without creating one job here."
This is not right wing extremism, that is just good politics...
That's just the beginning, watch the Canadian media have a conniption, if he does decide to run for the leadership of the conservative party, not to mention opposing parties and the establishment inside the conservatives, just like they are doing to Trump.

Where is the selfie with poor families, Elderly, disabled Canadians "of all races"? Would be nice to see someone doing that, all the while expressing his plans to help out...
To be fair, let's see what will be offered in their first budget, see if they do recognize Canadians are in dire need of some help, especially the most vulnerable.

Maclean's also bragged about only 1 1/2 conservative provincial governments left, ya OK, let's see how that works out, it's well known in politics, when a federal government is of one persuasion, states or in this case, provinces, go the other way.

The point is, opposing views are not radical, or extremism, it's called democracy and to tag all that opposes maclean's pro liberal stance, as right wing extremists is not good reporting, it's called propaganda.

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