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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Is there an effort to wipe out Christianity (Spirituality) and moral values in the western world? Or the world as a whole for that matter.

Crisis for Christianity.

PLAYING WITH FIRE – Oklahoma City Officials Permit Satanist to Desecrate Virgin Mary Statue
(this is pretty disgusting)

 Muslim “Refugee” Says Main Goal is to “Islamize” Europeans, Man Admits he is not fleeing war or ISIS persecution

 If You See One Of THESE Strange Poles In Your City, Here’s What It Means…“I officially declare victory in our gay war on Christmas,”

ISLAMIC INDOCTRINATION: High School Students Forced to PRAISE Allah During Christmas…

Time running out to save Christians from ISIS

 ISIS Rapes, Crucifies, and Beheads Syrian Christian Missionaries, Including a 12 Year-Old Boy

These are Schools that no longer allow Christian (Christmas) songs under separation of church and state?

Try that in Canada or the U.S., see what happens.
These links do not reflect on anyone in particular, but radicalism brought to our shores and in our society.
There is so much that points to an effort to wipe out christian (or spiritual) values, we can only put a few to give you an idea and set you on your own research.
The problem is, whether one likes to admit it or not, all your values comes from religion or spirituality, morality, hard work, family, so on, you don't have to be religious to have these, but you have to acknowledge, they are there for a reason and that is to give the next generation a path to follow.
Instead of this...

And the media, they are in the forefront of dishing out hate and division.
 (trying to make a point about the media, not picking on anyone's choices)

As I have posted before, I thought values to my daughter, yet, corrupt officials from the local social programs, got a hold of her and told her there was another way....welfare, subsidized housing, if only she would falsely claim abuse...
And when I fought back they even tried to use someone from decades ago to try to dirty my name. Didn't work, but you can see how far they will go to destroy someone who does not follow their rules or dares to fight back.

In the middle east, ISIS, al Nusra and all the others, sell women to slavery, marries off girls as young as 9 years old if not younger, beheads men, all for simply been Christians or any other spiritual belief. Goes to wonder, where the h*ll are all the feminists and manginas in all this, not one word.

Yet if you look at the Ottoman Empire, all religions lived together in peace, so what is going on with these people who are twisting the meaning of Islam?
If 90% of them are good people as we are told, why is ISIS and AL nusra and AL qaida still exist?  
As of 2010, over 1.6 billion or about 23.4% of the world population are Muslims. If as they claim they do not speak for them, why aren't they wiping out these organizations, they have the numbers to do it inside of a week.

Most of the refugees are muslims looking for a better life, financially, (nothing wrong with that, as long it's done with balance) but the west is leaving the local Christians who are been wiped off the face of the Earth, to their own demise...???

We are not promoting hate or a certain religion, but pointing out that something is going on. 
Thing is, when something like this happens, they usually do not stop there, once they are successful, they move on to the next target.

Everywhere we look, especially on TV, you have immorality, the worship of demons, or evil, as if it's a fad. Makes me wonder about the ol'saying; :"The best tool evil has, it's to make people believe it does not exist."

You don't have to believe in the devil, this isn't what we are saying, that is a personal thing, but there is an effort to make evil behavior come out as if it's more fun than morality.
We all see where that is going lately..."all those babies killed in sandy hook". If that doesn't point to evil, then we are all lost, for once children are targeted and nothing is done....
You know some nefarious ideal is behind it.

To be honest I don't know for sure what is going on, but I do believe an evil is at work here, greed, perversion, Sodom and Gomorrah shit.
I do know this, you don't have to be muslim or christian or whatever to realize, this is going in the wrong direction and if we look at history, it has happened before, and the end results was not pretty.
So, do we just sit by and let it happen, of do we say...enough?

We, (Warriors) let irrational ideas rise and come about, they said they could make things better, since then, the west is financially and morally bankrupt, greed as set in, immorality has become a fad for our young, families are been demonized and destroyed, and the future at this pace is just about gone.
You don't have to be on your knees, or bring back such things as the inquisition, but for the sake of the next generation and the viability of a true peaceful society, we will have to "impose" a balance to all this...
We no longer have a choice?.
Remember who you are here for, not only for yourself but for them...

The N.C. Chronicles does not condemn anyone's choices, but only point out the imbalance in the circle of life.
The choices we make, dictates our path to eternity....
This site believes in the next life, where one's actions is rewarded or punished.
Don't like it? Don't read.
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We point to Christianity been under attack, but they are not the only ones, under some of these radical organizations, all religion or spirituality that isn't their own is at risk.

To be honest I have no idea what's going on, but sitting back and watching, reading, researching, it does point to an evil making it's way into our lives. Hate, resentment, greed, killings and murders, child abuse, poverty, seems to take front and center.
And it has just begun....
Looking around us, maybe it's time to realize spirituality is there for a reason, without it, we seem to be going up shitz creek without a paddle...

What will we leave behind? A stable world for our children to enjoy and pass on to theirs? Or one messed up circle which they will curse us for it?

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