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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton will say anything to get nominated and elected.

Hillary: 'White Terrorism' And 'Police Violence' Are Just As Big A Threat As ISIS
God help us if she makes it to the white house...She'll say anything to get power.
She's a compulsive liar, how can anyone believe she will do what she say's on the campaign trail?
And what is her only talking point in relation to her getting elected we can be sure of?
It's that she is a woman and it's time for a female in the white house. Anything else can't be taken seriously, so will people elect her for her gender or her policies?
Right now she is saying anything to compete with Sanders who is to the left, once he's gone, watch her change her talking points.

The problem with this kind of talk, at this point in history where confusion and second rate professional politicians who consider themselves the chosen few instead of serving for the benefit of people, talk Sh*t like this, they encourage hate and dissension, and make things worse than it should be.
White terrorism??? There is racial problem everywhere, looking at Europe for the moment I would have to say, the terrorism she's talking about isn't exactly coming from them....Sure there are some, always will be, of any race, but not at the point where she says.
Police violence???
Yes, some bad cops, but what about referring to the good ones??? Instead of looking for a few specific votes, (BLM), how is this going to go when she has to speak to a room full of cops???
Let's get rid of all cops, see how that works out? (sarcasm)

This is what happens when you elect elitist, second rate, intellectual inferiors, they think it's their right to have power.
They are the most dangerous people this century has produced.

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