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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gotta love those Russians....Russians Teach Migrants a Lesson in Germany

Russians Teach Migrants a Lesson in Germany
Abuses of migrants in Germany has forced local men to take up arms and teach foreigners a lesson. The editorial office of “top secret” received a message about a massacre that was conducted on the town of Bruchsal by Russian immigrants. It was attended by about 400 “Russian Germans”.

“According to police the scene (Hostel) was attended by around 120 cars with 3-4 men in each. The “southerners”, the Arabs and the Moroccans, tried to resist and fired guns. But they were beaten with baseball bats and bar stools. The “Rusaki” (as the Russian migrants in Germany call themselves) strolled across all floors — said the source to “top secret” about the number of Russian migrants residing in Germany.
According to the source, the cause of the massacre could be the rape of the displaced 13-year-old Russian girl Lisa. As was previously reported by the media, in Berlin a group of refugees for over 30 hours raped a 13-year-old schoolgirl. The child was kidnapped on January 11, near the railway station when she was returning home from school.
A conflict of this scale has never happened before in Germany since the beginning of the mass migration of refugees into the country. The abuse of women by migrants in Cologne and multiple cases of rape have angered the local population. The policy of non-intervention by the police and attempts to gloss over the crimes committed by refugees has forced people to protect their families.
“The city has become dangerous to walk in and even to drive a car. When I stop at traffic lights, I lock the inside doors of the car, so that no one can climb into the cabin. The same is done after the trip down the supermarket, quickly getting in the car, close the doors and only then start the engine,” said a Russian immigrant from the commune of Lichtenfels in Bavaria.
According to the woman, who moved to Germany 10 years ago, immigrants do not respect the rules of the road, and walk on foot on the sides of highways, which can cause an accident. Refugee women are seen begging, and men rob and raid supermarkets. The authorities and the police of Germany are silent about the incidents and just condemn the actions of migrants.
“In Frankenberg, the supermarket “Hermes” was transformed into a refugee shelter. It houses a thousand people. As a result, the city became restless, and I’m going to get a permit for my wife to bear arms,” said the source to “top secret”.
“Local residents are outraged by the impudent behaviour of migrants. They are taking masses of products in the shops and are not paying for them. When cashiers call the guards, they pretend to not understand the language. The mayor of Frankenberg arrived at one of these incidents, and tried to speak to them in several languages, but to no avail. In the end, he paid for the migrants. This caused observers of this incident to ask: why do the native Germans spend their life working hard, when the migrants get everything for free?”.
According to the source, the authorities tried to appeal to the local population to help the migrants and urged to settle refugees in vacant residential premises. After this, in Germany there were a series of fires that burned the private property of Germans loyal to refugees.

Currently, men (pussies and manginas) from the Netherlands are protesting against the excesses of foreigners by walking in the streets in mini-skirts.

Russian migrants were the first who rose to defend their families with the use of arms.

“If my daughter or wife was harassed by the migrants, I would take a bat and smash them up.” Russian migrants who we talked to did not hide their radical views.
Ironic isn't it, Russians are protecting German families...
Those who have plans to abuse our women, better understand, Russia and Canada are both extreme northern countries, this produces hard and ruff men, (yes we do have pussies and manginas, some taking selfies at a mosque while Canadians just got murdered by radical muslims in Burkina faso Africa) , and if "anyone" dares to assault our daughters, some might react in the same manner as the Russians.
And that...will be the least of your problems. The other is been in a Canadian jail, lets be honest, been a rapist in our jails and one who is tagged as someone who disrespect our women...ouch.
You see we take the rights of our daughters and women (not feminists) very f*cking seriously.

Maybe it's time for a little barbarianism of our own.
Remember, been too nice is seen as a weakness by your enemies.
Sweden is a perfect example.
Or maybe you want to be like the manginas of Denmark, wear a skirt to protest the abuse of their women?
Which by the way, did not go well with their women.

The protection of our women and children, no longer depends only on the state, as we see in Europe, the confusion between not offending muslims and protecting rights and freedom is in conflict and putting them in danger. Many women are now realizing that the need for the masculine male is an important part of freedoms, and the feminized male is a big problem.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me proud of my Russian heritage. There is only one thing meaner then a Russian. A Russian Canadian :)

BlackWolf said...

right on...