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Thursday, January 21, 2016

German police release ‘without charge’ a gang of Muslim savages who gang-raped a 13-year-old girl for 30 hours

 The 13-year-old girl whose family had immigrated to Germany from Russia, disappeared on her way to school. Police issued an APB but the following day she was returned, after having been abducted by three Arab Muslim men (referred to as “Southern men” by police) who blindfolded her and took her to an apartment where they repeatedly raped her for 30 hours.
What happened when her parents contacted the police is beyond belief.
The Epoch Times reports that upon contacting the police station on the horrific crime, officials interrogated the 13-year-old victim for three hours without letting her be accompanied by an adult. Apparently, police laughed at the girl, mocked her, and accused her of lying, to the point where she eventually collapsed.
The police concluded that no rape had taken place and the girl was forced to say she had made a false statement against her attackers…even though the medical report confirmed that she had been gang-raped.
The police spokesperson shamelessly defended the child rapists, claiming that the men had neither abducted nor sexually assaulted their victim. Police released the rapists without charging them.
“So, a 13-year-old girl had consensual sex with three ‘southern men’ (as they described the Muslims),” a family member said, sarcastically referring to the police’s failed handling of the case. “It is an outrage that these people are not being arrested or detained.”
I'll let you look further into it, I did. 
Now, that said, where the f*ck are all the feminists and their manginas, who went out of their way to accuse western men of all been rapists, asking a woman for a date was objectifying her, and if you just happened to looked at a woman your committing stare rape?
Not to mention going as far as accusing us of the stupidity of PIV rape.

Where's the hags that have tried to accused western men of everything under the sun; "men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment and at Christmas and during sporting event, we buy beer and beat our loved ones? All men bad. Boys are born potential rapists". So on...
Not a f*cking word so far.
Isn't what's going on 100 times worse, shouldn't they say something about women and children been raped, assaulted, robbed??? Or is it that all they shrieked about was only B.S. for personal gains?

Heck, some have even blamed women for been sexually assaulted...
 And some are simply going stupid...not that they ever showed a degree of intelligence.
The attacks on western women are getting worse, and what will be the repercussions?
The rise of this?
Syrian Invaders Fear German Nationalists and Want to Return Home
Are the lefties that stupid to think this will not end up here?

Yes, everything is fine and will work itself out...(sarcasm)
WTF is going on...

Some (manginas) may have given up their responsibility to protect our women and children,
But not all of us.
Guess the question is, "who do you feel safer with?"
"The patriarchs of the west", who quietly defend your right to be who you want to be, with their lives if need be, or the feminist and her liberal manginas, who will say you can be who you want to be, as long as it does not conflict with their ideology? And if it does, then "you have to modify your behavior."
Do they really have an ideology, or is it that they will shove women around the world under the bus for a few bucks? As you can see, their ideology has a limit.

Simple choice really.
Who is best suited to defend your freedoms and the safety of your children?
No one can make that decision for you, you now have a choice to make.

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