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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

German clubs ban refugees after women fed date-rape drugs, sexually assaulted in bathrooms.

Nightclubs in the German city of Freiburg have banned refugees from nightclubs after reports of women being fed date-rape drugs and sexually assaulted on toilets.
One women claimed she had been raped and a bouncer had allegedly been stabbed by a refugee.

Daily Mail says that the city has a Green-party administration that supports refugees, so the news comes as even more shocking and serious.

Police spokeswoman Laura Riske said that the police in town were not aware that there were sexual assaults in the clubs by refugees.

This is to be expected, considering how German police have been handling the mass crimes and sexual assaults committed by refugees.

Despite the clubs being privately owned, Freiburg's welfare and social services leader Ulrich von Kirchbach took issue with the ban and called it discriminatory.

A 46-year-old woman told the Badische Zeitung she had been in the White Rabbit in December when a large group of African men had come and 'bothered' guests.

She said the situation made her feel threatened and full of violence.

Clubs are not the only thing Muslim refugees have been banned from. Pools have also banned refugees after women were reportedly sexually assaulted.

To be informed is better than listening to the b.s. propaganda the cbc and other left wing media are throwing out there and refusing to admit or report that...there is a problem with these people.
And if were not careful, our women are going to suffer, just like the Germans are.
Because of the pussy, wimpy, mangina, feminized German males.
This...is...North America (as in this is Sparta...lol)....
Disrespect our women, see what happens.

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