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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feminists turning on their own...Muslim Refugees sensitivity in Cologne Germany more important than women`s rights.

The Mayor of the City where hundreds of women were robbed, sexually attacked, molested, and even raped on New Years Eve is blaming the victims. Worse still, the Mayor is a woman. The mayor of Köln, Henriette Reker, intends to publish a behavioral code for the forthcoming carnival in Köln. But if you think that this behavioral code is meant for the Muslim mobs, you are wrong. This behavioral code is meant for the victims, the women.

What is the Mayor’s response to this mass sexual attacks. Sharia. Instead of protecting the citizens of her city, she is advising women to cover-up.
Read full article here. 
 Is anyone surprised by this, feminism was never about women`s rights, it`s about power over everyone, at the expense of the rights of women to be who they wish to be and to walk safely in their own country.

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