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Friday, January 8, 2016

Feminist and main stream media B.S....In order to get more funding, to be politically correct, blame fathers.

When I read this comment, it was like reading word for word, what happened to me and so many other fathers.
" I was somewhat a victim of this sexist domestic violence crap. I had false allegations towards me twice by my psycho ex. I had a restraining order put on me and had to prove my innocence. She broke the restraining order numerous times by stalking me, like really stalking, hacking my emails and everything. I reported it and nothing happened. I won in court representing myself in a five hour trial. Her lies proven and nothing happened to her. The restraining order even remained on me! She cost me a huge career opportunity plus a week after my success in trial, she contacted me again. I reported it, nothing happened. It caused so much stress on my life for two years. It is so fucking pathetic already. Bullshit sexist media and justice system."

The point at the end of the video makes perfect sense, "is it an effort by feminists, the corrupt media to incorrectly report this B.S. propaganda in order to increase their funding?"
Oh! Hell yes...no doubt.
Let's not forget, the justice system, family courts and lawyers, are also responsible for all this. Some know damn well of the lies perpetrated against good fathers for custody purposes and yet do nothing to expose it. They care nothing about the future of children, their relationship with dad, and what this could do to the mental health of a child. It's all about money, been politically correct or fear of offending ol'hags who have a hatred on for men and their position in the traditional family.
This has caused pain and suffering to kids and we see today they have no sense of responsibility or a will to achieve what is best in life. But we can't blame all of this on them, after all, they are "our children".
The collapse of parenting: Why it’s time for parents to grow up.
If anyone can be called the boss in modern, anti-hierarchical parenthood, it’s the children

Some parents let ideas that are not their own into the family home, ideas that are brought on by people who have never taken a step into the family circle and know nothing of it's workings, causing confusion and sometimes...despair. The best person to guide a child is not a stranger and their misguided ideas, but parents with a resolve to give them a chance at a good and stable future.

As for the video above, I would say that it makes sense, the primary objective of feminism and it's twisted one sided studies is to demonize fathers, take them out of their role in families.
It's all intentional against the male species, and this ongoing war against dad hurts all of us, society, families and especially kids.
It is "not" mothers or fathers that murders children, it is a "few evil people of both sex".
If only they would admit to that simple reality, maybe they would make a difference, but as I said, that is not their main objectives.

Their are plenty of readings out there that points to realities of what feminism and their mangina has done to destroy their main target of hate, namely men. Erin Pizzey is one of these people.
Here are a few excerpts...(also read the whole post)
How feminism succeeded in destroying family relationships
January 8, 2016 By Erin Pizzey 
The feminist movement also moved into the field of training the Judiciary the police, social workers and all family agencies. Many women were advised by lawyers to obtain a quick divorce by claiming that they were victims of domestic violence. In Canada when a father came home from work and found his house empty of his partner and children it was called ‘hoovering.’ If he called to police to say his family were missing he was not told where they were — all that the police would say that she and the children were safe. If he did not submit to his wife’s demands she could then claim (this is called the ‘silver bullet’) that he had molested his children and he could never see them again.

A rising number of broken men began to surface on the internet telling of how false accusations meant that they were dragged from their homes by partners who no longer had to offer any evidence to back up their allegations. In Western democracies everyone has the right to be considered innocent until proved guilty. Men lost that right and they were deemed guilty and had to prove their innocence. Men lost their children when vicious women decided that they would abort any attempt to let a father see his children and the courts did nothing about it.

The feminists running refuges/shelters falsified research figures. Time and time again figures for women who were brutalised were given but no mentioned was made for men who were also victims. Figures for women who were murdered were also given to the press but there was no mention of men dying in the hands of their female partners. None of the feminist research figures stand up to scrutiny. International evidenced-based research has been with us for many years and the results always argued that in intimate partner violence both men and women are equally guilty but this information fell on deaf ears and no government was interested.

Talking from personal experiences  with the women's shelter staff in Carleton place Ontario, and their friends and supporters, feminist lawyers at the legal clinic in Perth Ontario, along with so many men, father and husbands out there, everything she says is based on reality. The corruption and especially the man-hate is real and that is what's so dangerous about those running these places, they don't only attack men, but also women who do not follow in their hateful steps. No one is immune to this cult.

These places as Erin says, is no longer there to help anyone, but to be used for an idealism, at the expense of all concerned, mainly families.
All social programs, education and family courts are under the control of those who have ulterior motives other than helping those in need.
Slowly thing are changing, thanks to web sites who dare to talk about their personal experiences with them, but the damages they have caused will be felt for generations to come, and maybe even, as we see society breaking down, it might be too late to repair said damages.

The N.C. Chronicles does not blame all women for the action of a few.
Only feminists, their manginas and a corrupt media blames one specific section of society (Fathers, Husbands), in order to pander or advance themselves financially.

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