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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Elementary School In St. Paul, Minnesota Bans Valentine’s Day – It OFFENDS MUSLIMS!

The Principal of Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Maul, Minnesota just sent a letter to parents noting that celebrations of Valentine’s Day are banned.
Why? Because it, along with other “dominant holidays,” are offensive to Muslims!
Principal Scott Masini of Bruce Vento Elementary School, whose student body is overwhelmingly nonwhite, explained in the letter that “my personal feeling is we need to find a way to honor and engage in holidays that are inclusive of our student population.”
With Valentine’s Day a little more than two weeks away, Masini noted, “I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view.”
Masini said there will be no cards or treats brought to school to mark Valentine’s Day.
The letter listed the holidays that the East Side school will no longer celebrate as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Masini said the decision was made in consultation with his staff.
“One of the concerns that I have,” Masini wrote, “ … is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”
Via Star Tribune
The principal went on to explain the holiday is cancelled as it violates some students’ religious beliefs. This is a reference to Muslims are not allowed to celebrate it. The romantic holiday is outlawed throughout every Islamic nation.
Parents are not happy with the decision. One parent on the school’s Facebook page wrote, “Very sad. All the fun is gone.” Another wrote, “Tired of the PC. Totally ridiculous.”
Schools are never this sensitive to the needs of Christian students, but liberal school administrators will stop at nothing to appease Muslims. This is outrageous!
I'll say this, this kind of B.S. does not promote the good will of people towards muslims, on the contrary.
The idea to use kids to advance a foreign belief system is just idiotic, it causes resentment and hate...
They came to us, we didn't go to them...
And anyway, muslim kids would just love this and participate, it's the adults who are dumb-ass about it.
This is just disgusting.

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