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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Donald Trump Offers To Personally Help Wounded Vet in Iowa

Would you see any professional politician even dare to walk towards someone like he did?
Not bloody likely...Mostly because they are afraid of their own people.
Since governments are the biggest business of the land, doesn't it make sense to hire a successful business man? Can't do any worse than the past few decades can we?
Why are professional politicians and the main stream media (the elite) afraid of him? Because he speaks to people about what concerns them, not impose his personal beliefs on us...

In Canada, we now have Tinkerbell and his flying circus, their first policies once in power was to give billions on top of what we already give to other nations, in the meanwhile, the poor, the disabled and especially the elderly can barely afford food, some because of rising hydro rates. (Ontario)

I do believe that there is no right or left anymore, just inexperienced people running on their looks, gender, race, or their names, believing power is theirs by right instead of by votes of the people.
Under those rules, we are heading towards one nasty surprise, especially for those who have their heads in the sand, refusing to admit our political system in the west is out of steam.
But...all of this is nothing new, historically, all revolutions have always begun this way, (I.E. Political Arrogance, Corruption, Greed) and the way things are going, one little push, like the fall of our economies, which is now more than likely, and we well all suffer.
So, go ahead, listen to the elite, after all, you believe they are your better...

And as for the Trump-haters who threaten to move to Canada if he is elected...
No f*cking thank you, we have our own problems, don't want you here...
Go to Mexico. After all isn't that why you hate him, because of what he said about Mexicans, you frigging hypocrites.

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