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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Climate Change claims; You have to read this, things are really getting stupid out there.

Claim: ‘Global warming’ could cause humans to develop webbed feet, cat’s eyes and gills

Webbed feet, cat's eyes and gills: Features are just some that humans could evolve to have to deal with a 'water world' due to global warming

Experts predicts some genetic changes could take place quickly For example, some humans already have a mutation that causes webbing

A layer in the retina may develop to help us see in poor light under water

Our noses and face size would increase to help warm inhaled cold air in the nasopharynx, the area behind the nose

University of Kent paleoanthropologist Dr Matthew Skinner describes how human physical appearance could evolve if melting ice caps cause rising sea levels due to climate change.

Experts calculated how our physical appearance could change under a number of scenarios, including a ‘water world’ if melting ice caps cause rising sea levels. They also considered what would happen in a second ice age. These artist’s impressions show how women may evolve to develop webbed feet and hands and cat’s eyes

MMM! And what do we have to say about all this?
Humans have been through ice ages before, yet we did not evolved into Platypuses... lol.
And that's it folks,,,we are screwed...Remember, these people are teachers...

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