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Monday, January 11, 2016

Another European country refuses to take in muslim refugees. For the safety and freedom of their women.

Slovakia, citing Cologne assaults, vows to keep out Muslims
Prime minister says his country will refuse entry to Muslim migrants to prevent repeat of Cologne attacks.
Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico pledged to stop Muslims from entering the country in the wake of the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.
“We don’t want something like what happened in Germany taking place in Slovakia,” Fico said Thursday. He added that his country must “prevent women from being molested in public places.”
Fico told reporters that “once you let migrants in, you can face such problems.”
He said that Slovakia would “never make a voluntary decision that would lead to the formation of a unified Muslim community in Slovakia.”
According to media reports on Thursday, asylum seekers were among the attackers in Cologne. About 90 women reported to police that they had been robbed, threatened or sexually molested during celebrations outside Cologne’s central station by a mob of mostly drunk young men. One woman said she was raped.
In December, Slovakia filed a lawsuit against the European Union, upset at its plans for a mandatory relocation scheme for refugees. The country is supposed to take in 802 people under the plan.
In August the Slovakian government said the country would only accept Christian migrants because “Muslims would not feel at home” as the Central European country has no mosques.
After what happened in Cologne, who can blame them.
Even the Chinese see the stupidity in the reaction of Europe's feminist dominated governments.

As we said before, the problem is not immigration itself, but the amount they bring in. When you invite a few at a time, with distance in between, you give immigrant the time to assimilate, and accept the values of the host country. But when you bring a massive amount at one time, no one assimilates, therefore they (migrants) will keep their own values and associate only with their own.

And what are some of the values of the muslim world, especially towards women? See for yourself.
The clash here is what they believe is the place of women, not exactly in par with western values.
True, we have a major problem with radical feminism in the west, but we do give them the right to be what they are. Muslims as a whole do not even see this as a right, let alone the rights of our women to feel safe...
There seem to be a two prong attack on women these days, what the Cologne feminist mayor said,(above), pandering to muslims and blaming women, and the fear of been assaulted, disrespected or simply to walk the streets in safety.

It is now obvious, the safety of our women, wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, now depend on men been men, their safety has always been our responsibility, even against the feminist and her mangina.
It's not those in power, as we see above, who will defend their rights. 

Personally, it's not about race or religion i'm talking about, but the values of the west, those values are not what the elitist dictates to us, it's damn obvious they are in a panic mode, unable to differentiate between safety and foreign religious rights. By trying not to offend one, they are putting others in danger.
It's about accepting the values of the host nation and not bringing contradictory ones.
A young muslim girl who dresses in western clothes and behave as a western teen, is just as much in danger of been assaulted, even killed as any other in the west.
Dad killed daughters, wife over western habits, alleged honour killing trial hears
KINGSTON, Ont. — In the days after Mohammad Shafia’s three daughters died, he spoke privately to family about how they had dishonoured him by consorting with boys, jurors at his murder trial were told Thursday.“God’s curse on them . . . may the devil shit on their graves,” Shafia said, in a conversation with his second wife, Tooba, and son, Hamed, that was secretly recorded by police. “Is that what a daughter should be? Would (a daughter) be such a whore?”
In cases like this, even muslim men will have to speak up and maybe even get involve in defending their new countries values.

It is "refreshing" to see, some nations, especially central and eastern Europe refusing to put their women in danger, at least over there they have an understanding of what could happen, simply by looking at what is happening west of them.

Swedish police hid informational about sexual assaults by immigrants for years
Swedish police find themselves under investigation after covering up incidents of sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by immigrants at a music festival in Stockholm.
Defending and putting a stop to this kind of behavior is not going to happen with those who are in power, they are confused enough as it is, it's up to the rest of us to explain that the disrespect of our women will not be tolerated.
Is it, as the radical feminist claims it to be, "patriarchy"? Not one bit.
It is the simple fact of men protecting the rights of our women, without men speaking up, and acting on behalf of our ladies, even the lowly feminist must admit that her mangina supporter is not exactly the ones who will protect her rights, 

but those she has been vilifying for so many years.
Remember, the Warrior Code or Spirit is not about control of others behavior, but defending the honor of women, the safety of children, the wisdom of our Elders, and especially, the health and freedom of our circles.
If we fail at it, we fail ourselves.

The N.C. Chronicles do not try to put all in one basket, we made that clear by saying even Muslim men must step up, we just offer an opinion and information. You'll never see this on the main stream media.
Don't like? Don't read.

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