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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Canadian Temper: A Warning to America? Or a warning to Canadians?

Canadians have long thought of themselves as morally superior to the supposedly vulgar and abrasive Americans. According to the self-justifying Canadian mythos, we embody a more enlightened and humane outlook on the world. In addition to oil, maple syrup, and lumber, our most valuable export -- our gift, we imagine, to our southern neighbors -- is our vision of a sustainable and irenic future. Let us examine the most current incarnation of that vision.
Canada is essentially a socialist country, closer to the increasingly decrepit European welfare and statist paradigm than to the (now faltering) classic American model of individual self-reliance. Canada instituted social programs like state-funded medicine relying on major tax hikes long before it became an issue in the U.S., and gambled on multiculturalism as a viable national project, in effect, as a kind of political eschatology. There is no question that the Canadian temper has always been more politically Arcadian than the American.
The current refugee question in particular has become a pivotal and collective expression of this temper, with citizens opening their wallets, hearts, and homes to a migratory influx from the Islamic world. Our self-congratulatory generosity is amply demonstrated in the writings of celebrated Constitutional lawyer Julius Grey. Pontificating in the Montreal Gazette, Grey urges the welcoming of thousands of Syrian migrants as we proceed “to create a society which has, on the one hand, citizens of myriad origins and, on the other, no barriers between them.”
The problem that Grey refuses to confront or even identify is that immigrants and refugees from historically backward, theocratic, anti-Semitic, Sharia-dominated, and terror-sponsoring nations are precisely the ones who are creating “barriers,” such as purpose-built ghettos, no-go zones, closed neighborhoods, special privileges and spaces, an atmosphere of threat, and who have no interest in Western-style “individual autonomy and freedom” -- Grey’s chosen vocabulary. Grey is the lawyer for the Muslim-friendly socialist New Democratic Party, but there is not much sunlight between the NDP and the governing Muslim-friendly Liberal Party.
Indeed, in the October 2015 Federal election the Liberals, the NDP and the splinter, reactionary-left Greens ran between them a total of 23 Muslim candidates (the leftist/sovereignist Bloc Québécois fielded two Muslim candidates, raising the combined total to 25 Muslim hopefuls), representing approximately 7 per cent of available parliamentary seats, over twice the Islamic percentage of the population. (The ousted Conservatives fielded only four Muslims.) In the end, the combined electoral seats won by the four left-leaning parties, the Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens, clocked in at 71 per cent; the center-right Conservatives polled just 29 per cent. This is the face of Canada today.
During the election campaign, Islam became a prominent issue, with Liberal PM Justin Trudeau claiming that there was no place in his Canada for the previous Conservative government’s “divisive” Islamophobia and exaggerated concern for national security. In his victory speech, Trudeau uttered the inevitable pieties à la Obama: “We beat fear with hope, we beat cynicism with hard work. We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together.” To a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, he promised “a government that believes deeply in the diversity of this country.”
A perverse illustration of this stupefying attitude comes from the Bank of Nova Scotia (commonly known as Scotiabank), which has welcomed the migrant onslaught with its Welcome Syrians program. (The original webpage featuring large print and colorful graphics now seems to have been scrubbed.) Canada’s third largest bank is offering every Syrian a hundred dollar gift deposit, a $2000 limit unsecured credit card, a free safety deposit box for one year and a $50 unsecured overdraft. Customers who bank at the Scotia and pay monthly fees to maintain their accounts have good reason to feel resentful -- unless, of course, they happen to be migrant sympathizers and soft on Islam.
These “Syrians,” not all of whom are Syrians and some of whom are almost surely ISIS jihadists, receive housing, benefits, and gifts without having contributed an iota to the nation’s economy; indeed, they will be a limitless drain on our resources.
The $1.2 billion cost of bringing in these refugees is only the beginning of our fiscal woes. Quoted by the CBC, coordinator Carl Nicholson said “many factors have made the task of housing government-assisted refugees more difficult, including the larger-than expected size of some families that have arrived.” The accompanying photo shows a couple with six toddlers. No wonder the Liberals’ shopworn immigration minister John McCallum has solicited the business community for donations in the amount of $50 million. “I would encourage all Canadians, companies, individuals, communities, to continue to support the effort because we are entering a critical phase,” he said. Darn right on the latter score.
My parents and grandparents, fleeing starving, war-torn Ukraine, worked to the bone to earn a living while contributing through taxes to the national welfare. Many Canadians share the same history, yet they are expected to receive and bankroll a large number of migrants who will take advantage of the innumerable perks that our forebears, who fled famine and civil war and who helped build this country, had never enjoyed or even considered their due.
Richard Butrick cogently argues in an important article for American Thinker that immigrants who came to America in the 19th and early 20th centuries “knew they had to work hard to survive,” at the same time contributing to the nation’s commercial, industrial, and scientific advances. “Immigrants today,” he continues, “know the U.S. is a fail-safe environment,” where they are subsidized and coddled. The so-called “re-energizing” immigration narrative has been superseded by, let’s say, a parasitical model based on muddled sentimentality and false calculations, which Canada has bought into without sober forethought. A country built on welfare migrants is not a country built on hardworking immigrants.
There are some signs that the “Syrian Covenant” is becoming more complicated than originally envisaged, as the initial euphoria for the migrants seems to be waning under an unforgiving reality. I have heard that families that have gloatingly affirmed their “Canadian values” and freely taken Syrians into their homes are petitioning their government for financial help. The City of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, has called for a pause to its hospitality for lack of housing, facilities and funds. Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax have also asked for a hiatus. The bloom is starting to come off the rose -- and the hue off the rose-colored glasses -- for many of these fallow enthusiasts. But with further government subventions and the media propaganda blitz saturating what remains of the Canadian mind, the early stages of skepticism and reluctance will probably lead to nothing much.
This is how we do things in Canada. We throw out a Conservative government -- itself an anomaly in our political landscape -- that steered us safely through the devastating market crash of 2007/8, and objected to Islamic face coverings in citizenship swearing-in ceremonies and to the acceptance of “barbaric” practices in the cultural habits of these new citizens -- and bring in a Liberal administration dedicated to increasing the national debt and gradually submerging the country in an effluvium of Muslim migrants and refugees.
The U.S. is clearly heading in the same direction with its national debt swelling exponentially and the inpouring of unvetted “Syrian” migrants exacerbating an already problematic Islamic infiltration. In effect, it’s the same set of cultural attributes, a big spending mentality and an open door policy, of which Canada has long been a shining exemplar. This is why the coming election is perhaps the most critical in U.S. history. A Democrat administration under Billary or Bernie would close the gap between our two countries dramatically. And this is why the candidacies of Donald Trump, for all his flaws, and of the Cruzio amalgam despite the media-generated flap over their eligibility, may determine whether America can return to some degree of sanity and a semblance of its former vitality -- or, heaven forfend, become Canada South.
Makes for a good read, don't agree with everything, not all Canadian subscribe to his definition, actually the majority doesn't. We think of ourselves Morally superior to our cousins of the south? I don't know anyone outside of those who live in a bubble who think that way.
The problem here, as in America, the people's voice is now overshadowed by the media and the elitist, they claim to speak for us, all the while been out of touch with reality.
Canadians prefer to be North Americans, the establishment, or the elitist wants us to be like Sweden, the 2 ideology will clash, it's inevitable.
Fortunately, we can see the warnings by what's happening in Europe, and we have an understanding of the repercussion if we bring that here, hopefully we are smarter than what the elitists thinks of us.
As for the warning to America, it also applies to Canadians. If not more so.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Elementary School In St. Paul, Minnesota Bans Valentine’s Day – It OFFENDS MUSLIMS!

The Principal of Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Maul, Minnesota just sent a letter to parents noting that celebrations of Valentine’s Day are banned.
Why? Because it, along with other “dominant holidays,” are offensive to Muslims!
Principal Scott Masini of Bruce Vento Elementary School, whose student body is overwhelmingly nonwhite, explained in the letter that “my personal feeling is we need to find a way to honor and engage in holidays that are inclusive of our student population.”
With Valentine’s Day a little more than two weeks away, Masini noted, “I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view.”
Masini said there will be no cards or treats brought to school to mark Valentine’s Day.
The letter listed the holidays that the East Side school will no longer celebrate as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Masini said the decision was made in consultation with his staff.
“One of the concerns that I have,” Masini wrote, “ … is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”
Via Star Tribune
The principal went on to explain the holiday is cancelled as it violates some students’ religious beliefs. This is a reference to Muslims are not allowed to celebrate it. The romantic holiday is outlawed throughout every Islamic nation.
Parents are not happy with the decision. One parent on the school’s Facebook page wrote, “Very sad. All the fun is gone.” Another wrote, “Tired of the PC. Totally ridiculous.”
Schools are never this sensitive to the needs of Christian students, but liberal school administrators will stop at nothing to appease Muslims. This is outrageous!
I'll say this, this kind of B.S. does not promote the good will of people towards muslims, on the contrary.
The idea to use kids to advance a foreign belief system is just idiotic, it causes resentment and hate...
They came to us, we didn't go to them...
And anyway, muslim kids would just love this and participate, it's the adults who are dumb-ass about it.
This is just disgusting.

Gotta love those Russians....Russians Teach Migrants a Lesson in Germany

Russians Teach Migrants a Lesson in Germany
Abuses of migrants in Germany has forced local men to take up arms and teach foreigners a lesson. The editorial office of “top secret” received a message about a massacre that was conducted on the town of Bruchsal by Russian immigrants. It was attended by about 400 “Russian Germans”.

“According to police the scene (Hostel) was attended by around 120 cars with 3-4 men in each. The “southerners”, the Arabs and the Moroccans, tried to resist and fired guns. But they were beaten with baseball bats and bar stools. The “Rusaki” (as the Russian migrants in Germany call themselves) strolled across all floors — said the source to “top secret” about the number of Russian migrants residing in Germany.
According to the source, the cause of the massacre could be the rape of the displaced 13-year-old Russian girl Lisa. As was previously reported by the media, in Berlin a group of refugees for over 30 hours raped a 13-year-old schoolgirl. The child was kidnapped on January 11, near the railway station when she was returning home from school.
A conflict of this scale has never happened before in Germany since the beginning of the mass migration of refugees into the country. The abuse of women by migrants in Cologne and multiple cases of rape have angered the local population. The policy of non-intervention by the police and attempts to gloss over the crimes committed by refugees has forced people to protect their families.
“The city has become dangerous to walk in and even to drive a car. When I stop at traffic lights, I lock the inside doors of the car, so that no one can climb into the cabin. The same is done after the trip down the supermarket, quickly getting in the car, close the doors and only then start the engine,” said a Russian immigrant from the commune of Lichtenfels in Bavaria.
According to the woman, who moved to Germany 10 years ago, immigrants do not respect the rules of the road, and walk on foot on the sides of highways, which can cause an accident. Refugee women are seen begging, and men rob and raid supermarkets. The authorities and the police of Germany are silent about the incidents and just condemn the actions of migrants.
“In Frankenberg, the supermarket “Hermes” was transformed into a refugee shelter. It houses a thousand people. As a result, the city became restless, and I’m going to get a permit for my wife to bear arms,” said the source to “top secret”.
“Local residents are outraged by the impudent behaviour of migrants. They are taking masses of products in the shops and are not paying for them. When cashiers call the guards, they pretend to not understand the language. The mayor of Frankenberg arrived at one of these incidents, and tried to speak to them in several languages, but to no avail. In the end, he paid for the migrants. This caused observers of this incident to ask: why do the native Germans spend their life working hard, when the migrants get everything for free?”.
According to the source, the authorities tried to appeal to the local population to help the migrants and urged to settle refugees in vacant residential premises. After this, in Germany there were a series of fires that burned the private property of Germans loyal to refugees.

Currently, men (pussies and manginas) from the Netherlands are protesting against the excesses of foreigners by walking in the streets in mini-skirts.

Russian migrants were the first who rose to defend their families with the use of arms.

“If my daughter or wife was harassed by the migrants, I would take a bat and smash them up.” Russian migrants who we talked to did not hide their radical views.
Ironic isn't it, Russians are protecting German families...
Those who have plans to abuse our women, better understand, Russia and Canada are both extreme northern countries, this produces hard and ruff men, (yes we do have pussies and manginas, some taking selfies at a mosque while Canadians just got murdered by radical muslims in Burkina faso Africa) , and if "anyone" dares to assault our daughters, some might react in the same manner as the Russians.
And that...will be the least of your problems. The other is been in a Canadian jail, lets be honest, been a rapist in our jails and one who is tagged as someone who disrespect our women...ouch.
You see we take the rights of our daughters and women (not feminists) very f*cking seriously.

Maybe it's time for a little barbarianism of our own.
Remember, been too nice is seen as a weakness by your enemies.
Sweden is a perfect example.
Or maybe you want to be like the manginas of Denmark, wear a skirt to protest the abuse of their women?
Which by the way, did not go well with their women.

The protection of our women and children, no longer depends only on the state, as we see in Europe, the confusion between not offending muslims and protecting rights and freedom is in conflict and putting them in danger. Many women are now realizing that the need for the masculine male is an important part of freedoms, and the feminized male is a big problem.

The N.C. Chronicles does not promote violence against anyone, only offers information.
What happened
What is happening
What could happen

Friday, January 29, 2016

Megyn Kelly Insults Donald Trump Off-Camera as The Evil ‘Voldemort’

 During Thursday night’s Republican primary debate, co-moderator Megyn Kelly referred to the absent Donald Trump as the “elephant in the room.” Behind-the-scenes, as revealed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) immediately after the debate, Kelly privately referred to Trump as “Voldemort,” the embodiment of evil in the Harry Potter novels.

Fox News told the Daily Mail that Kelly merely referred to Trump as “He Who Shall Not Be Named,” but refused to say if Kelly knew this was a direct reference to the Voldemort character.

However, while on-camera, Kelly did not deny calling Trump Voldemort. During a post-debate  interview Cruz said to Kelly,  “Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldermort, he who must not be named.”

Kelly’s only response was a tight smile.

Cruz might have been motivated to drop Kelly in the grease due to his being repeatedly targeted by the moderators during the debate. After his rivals were again and again given a free opportunity to tee off on Cruz, the Texas senator finally objected:

“I would note that the last four questions have been Rand, please attack Ted; Marco, please attack Ted; Chris, please attack Ted; Jeb, please attack Ted,” Cruz accurately pointed out.

Chris Wallace responded, “It is a debate, sir.”

Cruz countered, “Well, no, a debate actually is a policy issue.”

Kelly’s non-denial reaction to Cruz combined with a statement from Fox News that reeks of evasive hair-splitting, will only further fuel Trump’s claim that Kelly, and by extension Fox News, are out to sandbag his campaign. And there was plenty of evidence of that prior to Voldemort-Gate.

While Trump used his boycott of the Fox News debate to raise $6 million for America’s veterans, the billionaire businessman’s closest rivals got pretty beat up over those two hours.

It would appear as though “Voldemort” walking away was the exact right move.
As for Megyn Kelly, this is another public relations disaster. Just two days after playing kissy-face with no less than Michael Moore, she’s caught in this gaffe-tastic moment.
I’m not sure “fair and balanced” means what Fox News thinks it means.
If no one has figured it out yet, megan kelly is a left wing feminist hiding her true colors because she works at a pretend conservative tv station.
As for fox, so they stand behind the "integrity" of their journalists who have their own agenda?
When you have an agenda, this is not "fair and balanced".
As I said before, we can see, without a doubt, tv stations, news media, try to control who we vote for and they do have preferences they try to push us to vote for, that is not democracy, and the media has lost it's way a long time ago.
We just went through this same situation here in Canada with the cbc ctv, global's promotion and open support of the liberal party.
We saw this when this reporter (craig oliver) found it safe enough to go on a hate rampage against the previous conservative government, showing his true unprofessional colors.
There is no unbiased news media anymore, so we have to be careful with what we take as truth when they talk.

By the way, who won the debate last night? Check it out...
Three Different Polls Say The Same Person Was The Clear Winner Of The GOP Debate
Can you smell it, that's the elite and establishment crapping their pants while screaming and crying, "why aren't people listening to us anymore, we thought we controlled everything?"

What your Girlfriend really thinks of your xbox...you've been warned...lol

Stop violence against xbox

What's the moral of the story in this case?
Guys, if you love your xbox, show some love to the ladies first, nature gave these little sweethearts just a tad bit more emotional outbursts than we have.
What cost more? Taking the ladies out or a new xbox? Decisions, decisions...lol.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wow, fox news channel just shot itself in the foot, thanks to; meggyn kelly, micheal moore???, even O'reilly.

Let's start with this report explaining what's going on at Fox with:
FOX HAS LOST IT!With Dennis Michael Lynch

Lynch brings up the report Breitbart made on the megyn kelly, I.E.; The kelly files fiasco.
The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

Then, watched the o'reilly factor and Bill was practically begging Trump to show up at the debate on Jan. 28., even trying to insult him by calling him a buffoon. Which Trump slapped back at him.
If Trump who have asked him to get on his knees, he would have done it,(sarcasm) the way he was trying to push Trump to show up.
You could see Trump was enjoying making fox grobble.
If that's not enough, fox channel's big wigs put out a meme about Trump that could only be described as...childish.

After all this, you have megyn kelly, the kelly files, inviting frigging micheal moore, REALLY?
Holy sh*t, if there's anything that would shock their viewers that was it. And if you watched the show, the only thing you saw is a love fest between kelly and moore.
That was a disturbing thing to watch to say the least.

When you go to kelly's facebook page, it's not going well for her.
To try to embarrass Trump by inviting Moore??? What the f*ck where they thinking?

Msnbc had a more "fair and balanced" look at all this, (for a few minutes) which surprised the hell out of me.
Of course msnbc has it's own agenda, they had someone today, Jan 28, saying he didn't know any vet who supports the Donald...Yet.
Vets for Trump.
As for those who said they don't want the money, are they serious, the money is in dire need and helps those who have been wounded. Forget the politics, don't have to support Trump, just say thank you and help out those and their family who need help with the money. Who is playing politics with the live of vets?

If I was Trump I would have a news conference with the women and men who work for him, and have the medias ask, especially the women if there is a "war on women" as kelly asked in the first debate, anywhere in his company. From what I can tell, the policy inside his business is, all are treated equally and get equal pay for equal work.
This goes against the obvious "gottya question" kelly tried to paste on him.
It was a direct attack and pretty insulting when one treat his employees with respect.
As for kelly's war on women moment, we all know this does not exist, since we all have women in our lives, as in daughters, sisters, mothers, wives. Sure there is discrimination, against some groups by a small minority, but that doesn't make it a war on anyone, specially women.
If one watches the kelly files, and is able to read between the lines, you can easily see she is a left wing feminist covered by a right wing blanket, because of her job at fox and their viewers.

As for fox and company (the msm) and the rest of the candidates who are jumping on the bandwagon, cruz saying he is afraid or rubio's "it's a side show", (trump's pro-vet show), They will loose support if the other republican candidate show up. They will make it more viable in the eyes of the electorate.
It's not that we support Trump, what we see is the meltdown of the elitist, the establishment, the main stream media, who thought they controlled elections.
Putting megyn kelly as a moderator after what they knew damn well, Trump did not like her line of questioning was a direct attack at him...Didn't work and from what the polls are saying today...a whale of a backlash.

I can't believe I am saying this but I will be watching CNN tonight, and hope that other candidates, which have now realize Trump will probably be the nominee, show up with him. This can only help them in their popularity.
If there is anything important and in the hearts of Americans is their vets, and the media trying to minimize it, will regret it big time.

I'm still shocked, fox news and micheal moore??? Smells of desperation.
Watch their ratings drop off the cliff...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Return or the Warrior series; Must watch honest video; 16 y/o German girl talks about her fears.

Take the time to watch this video, it's well worth it...Why?
Because this young lady, our future, is begging to be protected...
Something the left, feminism and manginas will not and cannot do...
If I may; She's not asking feminists and manginas to protect her, they are the ones who caused this, she's asking...MEN.

In the west we have the left overs of the 60's and 70's, free love and drugs generation, what's left of the feminists, the evolution of that movement, the radicals like femen, and of course the male feminist aka, the mangina.
In their mist, a new generation, like this 16 year old and so many others, which feel that they are not been protected by those in power. Their feelings, thoughts and experiences that they are experiencing today will travel with them as the get older. Their childhood fears and what is around them will shape their character and as they become adults, when they take power, in bureaucracy, governments and businesses, in their timeline, what the past thought them will guide their path...
And the low lives who put them through the fears they experienced will be wiped off the face of the Earth, and hopefully balance will return, with the reality that people do not always mix, foreign ideology can be destructive, demonizing one gender over the other, offers no true protection of rights and freedoms, and it is best, to look after your own, all the while helping those in need, as long as they do it, in their own land, without bringing all them amongst us.

And the fool who does not realize this, and tries to continue this destructive behavior, or tries to continue it through his or her kids, will only accelerate their own demise. Such a group will be ridiculed and shunned, not because of who they are, but because of what the past thought us.

The time of the self loathing feminist and her weak mangina is coming to an end, the rise of the warrior nations is coming back, (we can see this in the video above, with the demand for protection) not to make war, not to kill, not to destroy, but to offer a balance, to protect the right of others and especially to offer women, children and the Elders, a place where they can thrive in peace and security.
The imaginary land of make believe, where all are in a circle singing kumbaya does not exist, we know that now, it is better we all stay in our perspective circle. Maybe some of us are more advance, this means some are still barbarians.

There is just to much evil in this world, (of all kind) there was a time we offered balance, that time is gone for now because of the weakness that came out of the 60's and 70's. The leadership, especially in the west is composed of weakness and an ideal that just does not belong in the natural world.
Eyes are been opened and reality is setting in, and the future generation will bring back what is necessary to live in the real world, with the help, protection and the honor of the Warrior.
I.E.; The real man. For without him, there is no security.

If not that, then the worse is yet to come, and the results will be...devastating.
The warnings are there.
 Doesn't matter who you are, buddist, muslim, christian, atheist, or whatever, the need for the masculine male is now more important than ever.
We have a responsibility, and that  is to protect.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

German clubs ban refugees after women fed date-rape drugs, sexually assaulted in bathrooms.

Nightclubs in the German city of Freiburg have banned refugees from nightclubs after reports of women being fed date-rape drugs and sexually assaulted on toilets.
One women claimed she had been raped and a bouncer had allegedly been stabbed by a refugee.

Daily Mail says that the city has a Green-party administration that supports refugees, so the news comes as even more shocking and serious.

Police spokeswoman Laura Riske said that the police in town were not aware that there were sexual assaults in the clubs by refugees.

This is to be expected, considering how German police have been handling the mass crimes and sexual assaults committed by refugees.

Despite the clubs being privately owned, Freiburg's welfare and social services leader Ulrich von Kirchbach took issue with the ban and called it discriminatory.

A 46-year-old woman told the Badische Zeitung she had been in the White Rabbit in December when a large group of African men had come and 'bothered' guests.

She said the situation made her feel threatened and full of violence.

Clubs are not the only thing Muslim refugees have been banned from. Pools have also banned refugees after women were reportedly sexually assaulted.

To be informed is better than listening to the b.s. propaganda the cbc and other left wing media are throwing out there and refusing to admit or report that...there is a problem with these people.
And if were not careful, our women are going to suffer, just like the Germans are.
Because of the pussy, wimpy, mangina, feminized German males.
This...is...North America (as in this is Sparta...lol)....
Disrespect our women, see what happens.

Drink Banana And Cinnamon One Hour Before Going To Sleep And See What Will Happen!

Simply, we all must respect the fact that sleeping is very important for our health. If you do not sleep enough, you are probably exposed to the risk of many disorders like the depression, weakness, sickness, hypertension and low energy.
With adequate sleeping time you will efficiently energize yourself and you will be able to finish your everyday tasks and activities. It is likewise when your body concentrates on recouping and rejuvenating your different systems.
The results from many questionnaires have shown that 50 to 70 million Americans have health disorders which are caused by the lack of sleep and that is why you see tired and cranky persons every morning.
We are here to help you and we will present you one amazing solution for you to have better sleep and fulfill with the required energy to grab the day. You should consume bananas and cinnamon tea before sleep.

Why bananas?
 It is proven that bananas help for getting a quality sleep because of the compounds it contains. Bananas contain potassium and magnesium which is often linked to enhance of sleep. These minerals are successfully helping your muscles to neutralize all of the negative effects caused by an excess of anxiety.

Why cinnamon?
By many studies, cinnamon is promoting body relaxation, good circulation and good digestion which contribute to better sleep at nights. Regular use of cinnamon has a very pleasant and beneficial effects for our overall health

  • One liter of water
  • One raw banana
  • Pinch of cinnamon (optional)
Cut the ends of the banana and add it the water which should be boiled. Leave them to boil for 10 minutes. Pour this water into a teacup or through colander. Add little cinnamon based on your taste. Drink this one hour before going to sleep.
You should also know that poor sleep is an indication of mineral deficiencies, poor eating routine and anxiety. You cannot solve this problem by buying chemical medicines from pharmacies. They may help, but they will not resolve the problem.
Try to reduce your anxiety level and stress, exercise regularly and you will have better sleep. Also we have to mention that the body relaxation methods are also effective and they will surely help you to sleep better.

Here is something to think about...

In the 60's and 70's, people demonstrated to stop a war against communism in south east Asia. They did this with their right to free speech and to assemble...
They called those who defended these rights with their lives, baby killers, militarism and a danger to the future of democracy. Among other things.
Now, come to the present and these same people who are now older, in business, politics and teaching in schools, are saying free speech should be limited and only allowed if we all think like them.
Ironic isn't it.

University professor actually threatens to FIGHT students who invited Ben Shapiro to speak on campus

It's a case of the professor behaving as badly as student activists.
Right-wing author Ben Shapiro was invited to speak at California State University at Los Angeles on February 25. Naturally, left-wing students claimed this violated their safe space.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: High school administrator dismisses students from Ben Shapiro speech to 'protect their feelings'

One student posted how the group who invited Shapiro, 'Young Americans for Freedom' (who invited Shapiro to talk about safe spaces and the lack of free speech on campus), were “a bunch of racists”.

The student went on to write, “Grow some balls and ovaries and deal with the changing tide and don't masquerade your racist views and beliefs as an attack on freedom of speech.”

It's hilarious to see left-wing activists pull out the race card in an attempt to silence discussion and then claim they're not against free speech.

Another student, Cecilia Villarreal, wrote: “how is this hostile event acceptable on our campus? I think it poses a threat to campus safety.”

Worst of all, however, was Professor Robert Weide, who teaches sociology with an emphasis on criminology.

On Facebook, he wrote, “FYI tough guy provocateurs we have an open mat on campus in the gym in the USU building at 1PM Friday and noon on Saturday if you want to show us your white supremacy. Heads up though, I lift bro...”

Lets see if a patriotic student takes Robert Weide up on his offer and knocks some sense into him.
We, (the west) are in deep sh*t, when freedom of speech is attacked and threatened. 
Free speech, true free speech is about listening to opposing views, to be informed, when one side tries to curtail the other, this is no longer a promotion of democracy but one of totalitarianism.
And when this is encouraged, specially in the education system, well, you can kiss goodbye to free expression in the near future and most probably look forward to some type of violent revolution because the opposing sides are too far apart.
Funny thing is, it's not the right that is attacking free speech anymore, if ever, it's the left that came out of the 60's and 70's free love and free expression. Ironic isn't it?
This is the generation that stopped a war in the far east, the one that said free speech and the right to life was important, the ones that blamed Nixon for the lack of free expression, the generation that supposedly fought for the rights of others to live in a freer and peaceful society.
They have become what they fought so hard to prevent?
What about those who will come out of this generation of pansies and pussies, what will they try in 20 years time, better yet, where will society be when those who come out of today's education system take power? If we even get there. By the way things are going, the division between opposing sides are so immense, will they even be able to reach that point.
What we are looking at is the slow death of a society, it's too bad, because if any had the chance to show the world, there was another way, other than war and revolution it was us, now we are just another self destructive group.
I'm glad I am older, in my lifetime I have seen the slow deterioration of what could have been. I wouldn't want to bring up kids in this generation of confusion and an out balance world.
I guess it's true what historian have always said;
"No system, no matter how well intentioned it is, lasts forever."
Question now is, what will come out of all this.
We seen this before, the arrogance of royalty produced the french revolution, ww1 the Russian, ww2 the Chinese. 
Whenever a system starts to fail, like ours is now, the elite find themselves a quiet little war, a last ditch effort to hang on to power, we see this with what's going on today.
Then comes the major one when that doesn't work, probably against Russia or China. Or even both?
Then comes revolution, Europe and Asia experienced it, is it our turn?
Whatever is coming, the next 10 to 20 years will prove to be...interesting, to say the least.
The warnings are there, problem is, no one is listening.

Monday, January 25, 2016

How the European male was turned by the feminist into a "WIMP, PUSSY, AND MANGINA", is it on it's way here?

Europe’s Tragedy: Most Of Its Men Are Feminized Wimps

After the incidents of sexual assault in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve committed by Muslim refugees against German women, feminist apologetic have acquired renewed vigor in the European debate.

Pundits and politicians assure the public that refugee males now storming the gates of Europe from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia will be required to learn that Western women are independent and sexually liberated. Such arguments, however, are obviously too weak to have any impact on the male cultures representative of certain refugee groups.

To these individuals, strong European women are ‘easy’ victims. They have respect only for strong men. And strong men aren’t exactly thick on the ground in Europe.

The deficiency of masculinity in European culture renders it impotent in the face of the political and cultural chaos that has escalated along with growing immigration.

Instead of a single-minded focus on imposing liberal feminist values on Muslim males, it might well be much more beneficial for Europeans to consider if the feminist war on masculinity might be the underlying cause of the weakness of European culture — feeble and defenseless as it is — against the culture of immigrants and refugees. The irony is that the vacuum feminism has created means that women become victims of an aggressive male culture.

Since the 1960s, modern mothers have raised their sons to be women, soaking them in feminine values like accepting responsibility for household chores, being caring, understanding and attentive, and bend to every wish of the woman. This has produced a generation of soft, insecure men, who are out of touch with their masculine nature, identity and strength.

Today, many boys also grow up with no father in the home and have no male role models. The average modern Western male has been feminized, with no knowledge or habit of manly virtues like courage, resolve, self-sacrifice, justice, temperance, self-reliance, self-discipline and honor. He has no sense of true expression of manliness. Feminism despises and rejects these virtues, and this has had a profoundly detrimental impact on a European culture, the “battered wife” of a feeble continent.

The massive feminization of culture has had a major impact on politics. The prevailing ideology of Western liberal democracy is secular humanism, which is particularly feminine in character. Policy, especially as applied to immigrants, is a motherly embrace of goodness and overbearing indulgence. One could also interpret it as naivety, weakness and accommodation. As the refugee crisis erupted and overwhelmed Europe, its political leaders – spearheaded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – acted like timid mother hens, not as strong men responsible for guarding their country from an invasion.

Indeed, Danish police officers were seen playing with refugee children on motorways instead of doing their job of enforcing the law. They were lauded as heroes in the media. They acted like women with soft hearts and not as men entrusted with defending their country and the rule of law.

Camille Paglia, self-professed “feminist dissident”, put it like this in the Daily Mail:
"The entire elite class now, in finance, in politics and so on, none of them have military service — hardly anyone, there are a few. But there is no prestige attached to it anymore. That is a recipe for disaster… These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality."

According to Paglia, the results are there for all to see in the on-going dysfunction in Washington, where politicians “lack practical skills of analysis and construction.”

The precise problem is that Europe’s political leaders have no military background, unlike leaders of the past, for instance Roosevelt, de Gaulle and Churchill. For this reason, they lack the basic understanding for defending their culture, their country and its inherent values. They are self-deprecating and apologetic, gullible and caring to the point where their policies become severely harmful to the populations they are supposed to protect.

The feminine approach threatens to throw society into chaos and outright collapse because the rule of law and its enforcement are made subject to the priorities of care, understanding and inclusion. The shortage of masculine virtues affects society and the political system. The shortage of masculine virtues is the underlying cause of the immigration problems.

The present clash with Islam, driven as it is by a dominant male culture, reveals the lamentable shortcomings of post-modern feminist culture, which does not possess the strength to defend itself against a male-dominated culture. The gross violations against women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne provide a chilling reminder of the contrast. Male aggression has gained a foothold and feminine values are helpless and unable to resist.

At the moment, Europe resembles a woman who allows herself to be battered and abused by her man. Like many battered women, she tries to cover her man’s violations, makes excuses for him, and returns to him time after time.

At the same time, immigration is inevitable in a globalized world. If Europe is to survive in an age of mass migration, there must be a male revolution. This revolution will be as important as the struggle for women’s rights in the 1960s. It is vital for Western men to acknowledge this need and start building social, cultural and political capital based on masculine virtues to defend the values upon which Europe is based.
That post was written by...a woman, have they finally come to their senses?

Danish town 'prefers biker gangs to asylum seekers'
Been a biker myself, love it...

That said.
Is the North American male doomed to imitate the european one...?
Leaving his women to be groped, assaulted, even raped, while doing nothing about it???
Yes, there are some here who would and have subscribed to forfeiting their responsibilities. .
But don't worry...
Some of us have noticed and will not allow barbarianism to come even close to you.
Ironic, the feminist and her mangina who have now lost all credibility, have come the the end of their power, because of their own action.
Having tried to feminize men, which in all intents and purposes, succeeded in Europe, now have to look at the very men they tried to demonize to protect them...Good luck with that...
Your on your own...you ol'hags.

As for real women, as I said...DON'T WORRY. We have a lot more masculine values than that european pussy who will let barbarians at his gates and let his women be abused.

Your our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and we are very protective of your rights to be who you want to be, not who you're told to be.
Who would you rather be with...the mangina, the feminist, or the majority? lol.

Here's something to think about.
An historical Empire let barbarians on they territory, at the gates and in their cities, people with a totally different society and beliefs....
That empire did not fall at the hands of it's foreign enemy armies, but those they brought inside their own borders.
These are practically the same borders, cities and gates, the west has today...guess it's true when some say, no one ever learns from the past...
That empire was Rome when it fell to the Visigoths.

Home remedy for High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

With a simple preparation of this remedy and you will say goodbye to high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Lots of people worldwide have this problem, hypertension is very often problem as well as cholesterol and should be treated on time.
This recipe says that is the best for the heart, and don’t we need that, to keep our heart healthy. This one is traditional remedy which is used by Amish people. Oldest People says that they use this remedy to heal many diseases and also to strengthen their immune system. This combination of this ingredients is awful and amazing and you cant believe what this ingredients can heal !


1 Clove of garlic (grated)

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

1 Piece fresh ginger (grated)

1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 Teaspoon honey


Mix all of the ingredients in a blender and keep the mixture in the fridge for five days.


This mixture has very powerful properties and it is recommendable to be consumed before breakfast and dinner. Never use more than three doses per day. After one week of consumption you will feel the difference. Your cholesterol will be reduced and your high blood pressure will be down.
Always do your research first to be sure....

Governments in Canada to Ban the Words "Mother" and "Father" in Schools. Imitating European countries?

Ontario MPPs approve removing words mother, father from government forms

Alberta, Canada's Progressive New Government Bans the Words "Mother" and "Father" in Schools

Now that progressives have consolidated their power over schoolchildren, you'd better not be overheard in the hallways saying, "So's your mama." 
It's "So's your caregiver."
Now, has this kind of B.S. happened somewhere else?  
Yes, it has, in Sweden.
Alberta and Ontario are trying to imitate frigging Sweden...who replaced him or her with...HEN.
And how is f*cked up progressive Sweden doing these days, with all the changes to their national identity? 
They just went stupid over there, all thanks to idiotic, unnecessary twisted beliefs, promoted by a anti male agenda, which if you really think about is self destructive.

We wrote about this a while back, warned that it will just a matter of time before our own "progressives" would try to bring this crap here...And we where right.
Sweden's curse; radical feminism coming to a Canadian school near you.

To be fair, Sweden is not the only one going to the craps because of progressive, or left wing policies, others are trying to "accommodate micro minorities" at the expense of tradition stable lifestyle for families, kids and even a nations prosperity.

As for Alberta's NDP, they better enjoy their miraculous 4 years in office, because that's all they are going to get. 
It's not that anyone is against protecting human rights, it has absolutely nothing to do with that, this is about doing it for one at the expense of sanity. When you go this far, you enhance resentment, and that has a tendency to promote hatred. It's just not good policy, as we can clearly see with what's happening to countries like Sweden.

Progressive, liberal, feminism, left wing, are no longer in control of their own ideals, it has been take over by those who are imposing their own "personal" twisted views. I remember a few years ago talking to a staff member of a Senator in Ottawa, I was referring to the left going bananas and they kept on saying this was not who the left really was. So I asked, "if you know this is going the wrong way, why aren't you saying something about it?" No answer.

Nowadays, these same people will try to shut any opposing ideas by saying people who do not agree with them have some kind of phobia. No one wants to step on anyone's rights, but we certainly don't want our own stepped on for the benefit of others.
Where is getting rid of words like mother, father, him, her, advancing anyone? 
On the contrary, what it does is divide us even further. 

Kids have to be thought, and given a certain path to follow, getting rip of some words that have been around since the beginning of civilization, and changing them overnight, does not promote equality, it only produces confusion in them.
Whatever a families composition, these types of changes must not be "imposed" by the state, it has to be handled by the parents, otherwise, the confusion in kids develops into uncertainty, and that usually lead to mental disorder, and in some cases suicides. Maybe that's why teen suicide is on the rise.

Families, Parents, handling the raising of their own kids got us to where we are today, which is not such a bad place. 

Now that the state has stuck there noses where it does not belong, in every aspect of our lives, society is in a tailspin to nowhere or better yet, on a path to destruction.

We seen what happens when the state takes over the raising of children over the wisdom of parents and families...

It used to be: "Heather has two mommies."
Now, it's: "Heather has two non-gendered and inclusive caregivers."
That's the language the New Democratic Party government in Alberta, Canada, is telling teachers and school administrators to use when adressing the adults with whom students are living. Out: "mother" and "father." In: "parent," "caregiver," "partner," whatever.
And God help you if refer to one of the little rascals as "him" or "her."
- See more at: http://iwf.org/blog/2799131/Alberta,-Canada's-Progressive-New-Government-Bans-the-Words-%22Mother%22-and-%22Father%22-in-Schools#sthash.ohGvWIBx.dpuf

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Now for the idiotic; Muslims DEMAND Cross Be Removed From Swiss Flag Because It Offends Them.

Muslims in Switzerland are demanding that the white cross be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol, it “no longer corresponds to today’s Muslim multicultural Switzerland.”
The Muslim group behind this idiotic demand known as the “Secondos,”  began a nationwide campaign in October to urge Swiss citizens to change the flag to something that is “less offensive” to Muslims.
    The proposal to change the Swiss flag has been met with outrage across the political spectrum and is sure to fuel anti-immigrant sentiments in Switzerland.

    Sylvia Flückiger a councillor with the conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) said the demands are: “Totally unacceptable. With our Swiss flag there is nothing to change. The next thing you know, they will demand even more, that we change our constitution.”

    Marianne Binder, spokeswoman for the center-right Christian Democrats (CVP) said: “This is just what was missing, that we need to change our flag. The Swiss flag is part of Swiss identity, precisely because it is inviting for all to want to be involved…even the immigrants.”

    Stefan Brupbacher, general secretary of the libertarian Free Democrats (FDP) said: “This is utter nonsense. The Swiss cross is an extremely successful and valuable global brand. It is a symbol of success and quality. We will tightly hold on to it, out of love for Switzerland.”

Are you tired of Muslims that refuse to conform to western culture?
What do you think about this outrageous demand?
Ya, that's really gonna happen...
Want to be dislike and hated? 
Demand stupid things, disrespect your host country who's helping you..

NOT GUILTY: Gregory Alan Elliott verdict means "free speech has won the day." Another loss for feminist censorship.

After a legal battle that dragged on for three years , Gregory Alan Elliott has been found not guilty.
In 2012, Elliott was charged with criminal harassment after arguing with feminist activists on Twitter. He’s suffered through a tortuous court case that has cost him nearly one hundred thousand dollars.

Anyone following this case knows that Greg is only guilty of the crime of wrongthink. He was arrested for critically engaging with people who disagreed with him. It wasn’t any different from what people do on social media platforms every day.
Greg’s tweets were far milder than some of the vile garbage I’ve seen come through my notifications. He never threatened anyone, and he never gave anyone reason to fear for their safety.

All he did was argue with people that hated him so much they demanded he be shut down.

I don’t believe Stephanie Guthrie or her cronies felt victimized for a second. We’re talking about people who have posted images of themselves drinking from mugs with “male tears” written on them, after all.

They wanted Elliott to pay for having challenged them, nothing more.

The charges in Elliott’s protracted legal case have prohibited him from using the Internet, forced him to quit his job, and left him bankrupt.

The last three years of Greg’s life have been hell, and he won’t ever get them back.

Despite all this, I am joyful, Greg is joyful, and his sons are joyful. Free speech has won the day, and Greg won’t have to deal with the prospect of months of jail time or heavy fines.

People opposed to speech rights won’t get the satisfaction of seeing Greg behind bars.

Most importantly, legal precedent has been established to defend free expression.

Canada is infamous for its ineffectual provisions for freedom of speech. Establishing the legal default to favour allowing offensive speech is a boon for speech rights in Canada.

A new chapter of Greg’s life starts now. He’ll be able to return to some semblance of his prior life, free of the burden of ongoing criminal proceedings. He’ll be able to return to work, and continue making the artwork for which he is renowned.

It’ll be a rocky road, but he has a lot of people on his side.

I hope you’ll be one of those people. Greg still has legal fees to pay and is hoping to get back to designing and doing his artwork.

If you can, please contribute to the fundraiser Greg’s son Clayton has set up. Every bit of support helps.

If defending speech is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Let’s keep pushing, and continue fighting for speech rights in Canada.
Free speech is an important part of a healthy society, opposing another's opinion is not a crime but an integral part of freedoms. Debates promotes liberties, it shows both sides of an issue...
It's called democracy...
So, is this lesson learned for the feministas and her manginas? Don't hold your breath on that one...
To dumb to learn, to radical to change.
But, unlike them, we do accept they have the right to exist, we can only hope, in due time, they will give that right to opposing opinions.

Which one are you?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sharia law is advancing in Canada at both provincial and local levels.

The provincial governments of Canada for years have tacitly recognized Sharia law for Canada's Muslim minority by sending multiple welfare checks to polygamous Muslim men who raise multiple families in Canada.

In 2003, Muslims in Ontario, the immigrant-rich province, attempted to make the government of Ontario set aside its laws and have only the Sharia law apply to Muslims. After a fierce debate, the Premier of Ontario eventually stepped in and pushed back against Sharia, at least for then.

Efforts by Canadian Muslims to push for Sharia law at the municipal level have met more immediate success. Above is the scene at Valley Park Middle School, a public school in Toronto, Ontario in 2008 - a decade after Mark Harding took a stand against it.

Instead of just a classroom, a cafeteria becomes a mosque on Friday afternoons so that Muslim students can listen to an imam from a nearby mosque and pray towards Mecca. In the photo, the boys are praying in front of the girls, who are praying in front of the menstruating girls, who are forbidden to pray. The same scene is repeated at public schools across Canada today and many of their cafeterias only serve Halal food that have been sacrificed to Allah, the moon god.

By contrast, public schools in Canada provide neither facilities for the Christian students to gather and worship nor kosher food for the Jewish students.

Also since 2008, the municipal government of Edmonton in the province of Alberta has been denying men access to its swimming pools during certain hours of the week after Muslim women demanded opportunities to swim without men around, in accordance with the Shariah law.

In 2011, the municipal government of Huntingdon in the province of Quebec built a mosque, a Halal slaughterhouse and offered a 1-year property tax moratorium to attract Muslim residents.

In a 2011 survey, 62% of the Muslims in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, expressed a desire to live under some form of Sharia law. The percentage is high, especially given their option to engage in Taqiyya. Over the next 20 years, Canada's Muslim population is projected to triple.
You want to know what's so strange....
In order to promote, un-traditional lifestyles, (not that there's anything wrong with that) and invite males into female change rooms and bathrooms (that one many have a problem with) , they had to first get rid of religion, and in all sense of the word, they succeeded.
The religion they attacked senselessly, was Christianity, even forcing people with opposing belief to accept the unacceptable. Especially in business.
"isn’t it kind of weird that a secular public school is teaching kids a religious Muslim song?"

Now these same people who where so adamant about separation of church and state, seem to be promoting religious sharia laws, promoting it to kids, forcing the population to accept a foreign belief system.

We all seen the recent results (especially in Europe) of this refusal to integrate immigrants to the respective country, CHAOS.
Rapes, sexual assaults, crimes are all on the increase. We must point out that not all muslims are doing this, some families are more co-operative to the local laws than all the single "fighting age" young men they brought in.
This has given rise to groups like soldiers of odin;
Far-right anti-migrant groups have been gaining in popularity. In a recent poll, three in five EU citizens said they do not approve of migrants coming from outside the continent. In Germany, the anti-Islam Pegida movement based out of Dresden has provided a loud voice for those unhappy with the immigrant situation, though it is still considered marginal. In Sweden, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have been gaining traction in the polls, despite being described as “xenophobes” and “racists” by the media.
I mean heck, lol, even quiet little Denmark has an opinion opposed to their government.
Danish town 'prefers biker gangs to asylum seekers'

And statements like this from muslim clerics and organizations doesn't help them any, on the contrary;
Germans must ban ALCOHOL if they want to prevent further sex attacks and help North Africans integrate, says Muslim group
MuslimStern compared women to 'naked antelope' presented before 'lions'
The group said banning alcohol in Germany would help resolve the issue
German women were told to dress like the Virgin Mary and not Lady Gaga
The group accused the women of being responsible for their own attacks
'Some women should think about whether it is wise to lightly dressed and drunk, to go between hordes of drunken men.  
'You can not throw a naked antelope in front of a lion and expect that at the lion stirs nothing.'
(Sorry but to compare the ones that assaulted and raped women in Cologne Germany to lions is laughable at best?)
If I may; These "people" better understand, and the sooner the better for them, that western men are extremely protective of our women's (daughters) rights to be who they wish and want to be, not who they are told to be by a society that treats their own woman as possessions to be passed around like a dog. (sorry but comparing rapists to lions really pissed me off). I would love to see them trying to stop us having a Bud with our buds...lol.

Even in businesses, they make "racist" remarks;
Toronto Imam: Muslims should hire only Muslims; do business only with Muslims
He urges Muslims to hire only Muslim workers, to buy products or services only from Muslim-owned businesses and to avoid advertising with media outlets owned by kafir, meaning unbeliever or infidel. In this way, he maintained, Canadian Muslims can strengthen themselves and live according to Islam.
When you see something like this from people like that, one can only have a negative reaction, imagine if someone would say that about them? Also the left would have a melt down. What are they doing here if they don't want to live with us???

Now, Europeans are flocking to the extreme right, will that happen here? Not yet anyway.
There will be increases in opposition, some retaliation, but probably not on a political extreme.
What will happen though is, the fall of the left, we are now experiencing the zenith of their power. It's all downhill from here for them.
In Canada, two of the economic engines of the country are on a downward spin, Ontario with it's manufacturing and Alberta with it's oil, both in the grip of left wing governments, in Ontario's case one could even put the word, economically corrupt, as in Alberta, inexperience.
Now, the federal government has been taken over by another left wing party, donating billions we don't really have, on top of what we already give out, to foreign nations, while not one penny for struggling Canadians.. 
First Nations
Reference to recent actions by some
to give free pass for the arts to refugees,
All the while, our Elderly....

Considering how dependent the Canadian economy is on the price of oil, and it's recent fall, thanks to our "ALLIES" in the gulf states, trying to reduce production and bankrupt American oil companies, this seems to be extremely foolish.

With these "policies", we will see one province after another reject left wing governments, and go towards the center right, just like American states did. Probably starting with Manitoba.

In closing; 
Pushing in foreign beliefs, at the expense of the majorities own, is just not good politics, that will eventually be perceived to be an imposition of ones will over another, this does not promote democracy in a time of economic difficulties.
We all seen the results of such idiocy in history, when the few take for granted the good will of the majority. soviets, communism, fascism, dictatorship, totalitarianism, so on.
What is sad is before these anti-democratic systems took root, they all had people in power that thought they were untouchable and had all the control needed to impose their will...Didn't turn out that way did it.
And if the west's elitists thinks they are in control, they are making the same mistakes we have seen so often in history.
And that is, you just can't force people to accept a foreign belief system that is contrary to theirs, all the while openly demonizing the established one. The worse is when they target schools and use kids to force the acceptance of one religion over another.
That is the recipe for disaster.

What is important is to always research what sites like this post, if you depend on the main stream media to inform you on both sides, you will never know what is really going on , they will never show what is posted above, usually they will demonize or try to ridicule anyone who does not follow their ideology of propaganda.
To search for the truth does not make you racist, or someone with a phobia, it only gives you a chance to know what happened, what is happening, what could happen, this allows you to be truly informed.
After all, the future of our kids does not depend on a corrupt media or the state, but on ourselves.

The N.C. Chronicles does not condemn any lifestyle or religion, nor do we promote violence against anyone, we only offer an opinion. Or in this case, a warning of what could happen.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Maclean's magazine; Opposition to liberals? Your a right-wing extremist.

The angry, radical right
Why a growing number of extremists are lashing out publicly at Muslim immigrants—and Justin Trudeau
The commentators on Never Again are a hodgepodge of Zionists, former and current military, Christian militants, the occasional white nationalist.
When you read the post, you have the feeling everyone, according to maclean, who opposes the current Canadian government is nothing more than a nut job who is a radical that needs to be put away. And to add our military personel in all this, shows their true colors.
First of all that post could have been written about the previous government, there was just as many hateful comments about Harper and the conservatives.
It's true that some, from both sides, which maclean seems to forget, go too far, but that is not because of hate, but fear. 
When you read what's happening in Europe, Australia, and many other places, the assaults, rapes, crimes, trying to implement foreign beliefs like sharia laws, one has reasons to be a tad bit worried, and when one is worried, one goes to an opposing view. Parents worried about the future of their kids is not extremism and those who do describe people as such should look at themselves first.
Majority of people do not threaten anyone, even those who do, it's because no one is listening and one's ideal is imposed on them...it's called anger and having no voice representing your views.
Taking selfies with refugees is fine, even helping is OK, but when you do this, without balancing it out with your own people, then it looks like one is pandering to others rather than those your supposed to represent, and that causes resentment and shows political inexperience.
Also going to a mosque right when 6 Canadians when murdered was not a smart thing to do... Not that thjere' anything wrong with that, but the timing....maybe wait a few weeks?
Those kind of acts are what divides people and cause bitterness.

That's why Trump is so, popular, he talks to Americans and tells them, they are first.
In Canada one person (Kevin O’Leary ) expressed his views on all this and raised eyebrows, "Billion in first 60 days to other countries without creating one job here."
This is not right wing extremism, that is just good politics...
That's just the beginning, watch the Canadian media have a conniption, if he does decide to run for the leadership of the conservative party, not to mention opposing parties and the establishment inside the conservatives, just like they are doing to Trump.

Where is the selfie with poor families, Elderly, disabled Canadians "of all races"? Would be nice to see someone doing that, all the while expressing his plans to help out...
To be fair, let's see what will be offered in their first budget, see if they do recognize Canadians are in dire need of some help, especially the most vulnerable.

Maclean's also bragged about only 1 1/2 conservative provincial governments left, ya OK, let's see how that works out, it's well known in politics, when a federal government is of one persuasion, states or in this case, provinces, go the other way.

The point is, opposing views are not radical, or extremism, it's called democracy and to tag all that opposes maclean's pro liberal stance, as right wing extremists is not good reporting, it's called propaganda.