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Monday, December 7, 2015

Why do feminists hate feminine women? Masculine men. Why do feminine women love masculine men and vice versa.

 That explains it...lol. 
I know some will say this is a hateful video, it isn't. I do believe after listening to it, it mostly refer to the character of these "people'. And to be honest, for any of us who are not feminists or manginas, he is totally correct.
The horror on this video with feminists saying "I kill my kids" and "I love satan" amongst other thing perfectly shows where their characters really are.
And when you have that type of character it eventually shows in your looks. Even from personal experience, I knew a person who was as beautiful looking as most women are, but as she took on a hateful persona, as the years went by, her looks changed to shadow her personality.
It is true what Paul Joseph Watson says, women who adopt a hateful guise, eventually start to look that way.  Whether we see their character in their physical appearance or whether they are ugly is for someone else to analyze, but from a personal stand point, if someone is hateful, I see them as very ugly and swamp-donkeys...lol. (OK, I couldn't resist.)

I looked back at my experiences with local (lanark county ontario) feminists vs feminine women and found this to have some degree of validity.
Those I came in contact with, feminists and feminine, had a different look to me because of their character. I found the feminists weak with an extreme inferiority complex, and those who where feminine, strong and attractive. It was the character that defined them.
I also have conversations with another who claims feminism, but has the value of listening and openly debate, without the hate, and even disagrees with the path feminism has taken lately. She is one of my favorite people with a very beautiful character.

When it comes to women's view of men, it sometimes works a bit different but also reflects on character. 
If a man looks like, dresses, and behaves like a mangina, yes women will talk, associate, even be friends, but the physical attraction is just not there.
Case in point...
Went to a dating site, if the description (about me) was too emotional, I got practically no responses, if it was manly and assertive, multiple ones.
If I put pictures of  me and my little white dog, got a few responses a week, when I changed it to leather coat and jean cut-off, or leather vest full of bad ass patches, sitting on my motorcycle, describing myself as a bad-boy, well I wish I could post the pictures some of them sent me, which I never got while sitting with my little dog, but that would not be gentleman of me. So I will describe some of them. (Yes, I still have some of them)
Tiny bikini
Fish net shirt (no bra)
Black sheer see through shirt (again no bra)
Body hugging leather outfits
skin tight rubber outfit
Short skirt with 3/4 nylon stockings
G-string with see through yoga pants
and another whose outfit didn't leave much to the imagination.
(Don't get me wrong, not complaining, just trying to make a point)
How come I got none of those when I sat there with a little white dog, looking defeated?
Was talking to my daughter the other day, she explained to me how women always refer to her as "your ...'s daughter aren't you?" and always say, "what a great guy".
It got me thinking, feminists and those who associate with that cult, especially here in feminist and mangina land of lanark county ontario, refer to me as one bad person and call me an asshole and have tried to accuse me of everything under the sun, which doesn't affect me one bit, who gives a shit, but women that do know me personally, never have one bad thing to say?

In closing;
I am not speaking for or want everyone to think like me, this site is based on my observations and experiences with local feminists and their manginas, their hate, their dislikes and their inferiority complexes, which shows in their character and their physical appearances. 
That's why I do believe Watson has a point, if your character is weak, you look weak, if your character is ugly and hateful, you look ugly and hateful. 
Hating someone because of her femininity or his masculinity puts one in a very special place, what man would want someone who claims to kill her kids or loves satan or calls anyone who doesnt agree with them "f*ckface". What woman would want to bring a mangina to her friends and family?
These people go through life wondering why they can't catch a good person of the "opposite" sex, well now we know, their way of looking at things is not part of nature and it's natural way of living, they are outside the norm, a very small minority, they might be patted on the back, told they do good work, but in general, when it comes down to it, not someone you want to associate with in a relationship. And that's why feminists and their manginas are always ugly, and lonely, that also define their character, they have no love, so their hate takes over.
So, it does show, if your a woman, be feminine, doesn't mean your weak, actually you will see that it has more positives, and men do not think that makes you weak, on the contrary, it shows personal strength instead of an inferiority complex. 
If your a man, women will show a hell of a lot more respect for you if you act like one, sure be a mangina, but that will show weakness and women just do not like that...At all.
And if I may...
Men do not want a partner, relationships aren't a frigging business partnership. When I was on that dating site, what turned me right off are those who asked for a life-partner, right away the word feminist came to mind. (no thank you)
Whether that work for the ladies, well that's for them to say, but I do know, they don't like manginas.

Everything we post is based on personal experience, nothing is made up, we took and take precautions. Through audio or and videos, journals going back decades, doubled, even tripled.
The last thing we want is someone accusing us of B.S. the way we experienced.

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