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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ridiculous anti-Putin-Russian propaganda.

Short thought.
Was watching fox news-shepard smiths, they had a story about Putin threatening to use nukes against ISIS or I.S., they had a supposed expert, but we can call him a propagandist for now and their point of conversation was that it was an idle threat(maybe it was, though if ISIS attacks Russia?) and that this would recruit more fighters for ISIS.
Here is a real look at this.
If your thinking about joining ISIS, would you go there if there is a chance Russia will use nukes?
And what about those who are already there, will they stay if there is a chance Putin is about to use nukes? How is that a recruiting tool for ISIS?
Now we all know ISIS fighters have shown cowardice, killing women and children, Christians and everyone in between who is not harmed.
Are they sticking around, will more join or stay there?
I doubt that very much, the first rule of cowardice is the rats abandons the ship first.
Putin knows exactly what he's doing, it's a mind game and has been working in Syria.
ISIS is loosing ground, no thanks to the west.
Always be aware of what's real and what is propaganda, your freedoms depend on it.
Just a thought.

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