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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Proof of corruption at children`s aid society of Ontario.

The children’s aid society executive accused of “excessive and questionable spending” on a $90,000 Toronto hotel bill says she will be reimbursing some of those expenses.

Colette Prévost confirmed to the Star that she is the unnamed executive whose spending was criticized in the auditor general’s report Wednesday.

She became CEO of the York Region Children’s Aid Society in April. But at the time of the expenses, Prévost was head of the Children’s Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin. Like all of Ontario’s 47 societies, it is a privately run but provincially funded agency.

She was earning $154,377 a year when Ontario auditor general Bonnie Lysyk began auditing children’s aid societies from November 2014 to June 2015.

Auditors reviewed executive credit card expenditures and “identified excessive and questionable spending by its former executive director being approved by the Society’s board,” the auditor’s report says.

The $90,000 hotel bill included more than $10,000 in “incidentals” such as parking and telephone charges, all paid by the Sudbury society. The auditor noted that leasing a condo would have been considerably cheaper.

At some point, Prévost’s $600 monthly car allowance was made part of her executive salary. Yet the auditor found $14,000 in car rental charges were reimbursed to Prévost in the past year. The expense included $1,000 a week for a three-week rental.

“The society could not provide an explanation for incurring such an excessive and extravagant cost for a weekly rental,” the auditor’s report says.

For a while now, we have pointed out that many of the social programs policies are based on money. Policies that forgoes their public mandates for financial gains, those running them extracting as much profits for themselves as they can, family courts co-operating even protecting these program's financial assets, personal financial gains by the directors of said programs, so on.
This is nothing new, the Auditor General did not expose anything we already knew, well, those of us who had the glory of experiencing their true nature. (sarcasm)
Remember, even if you don't like to hear it, all social programs are run by self-proclaimed hardcore feminists. They not only pick on men, fathers and husbands, but single moms, and women alike, not to mention children.
When someone openly abuses the system for monetary gains, you can bet their attention is not on what they are there for, but themselves, how does that benefit children...
This my friends is corruption at it`s worse, benefiting financially at the expense of families and especially kids.
Blind support for C.A.S, women`s shelters and other, by donors, politicians and businesses must stop and if they don`t, then they are also part of the corruption, there is no longer any reason to support such BS these days with the information at hand, if they do, then, as we said, they are also part of the problem and as corrupt as those they support. And should be exposed themselves.
For the good of the nation`s stability, since it depend on it`s families and especially it`s children for it`s future.
Such a society that does not protect it`s families and children, especially it's population from a corrupt bureaucracy is doomed to fall. It has happened before and on it's way to happen again. Rome and all it's allies experienced just that.

Not all are as corrupt as those mentioned above, but if the honest ones do not speak up when they see this, then they are also part of the problem.

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