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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Politricks in the 21 century, say one thing to get elected, when in power, do something else.

The point isn't that it's a reasonable expense for a PM of this nation, it's the blatant hypocrisy of his position given what he said on the campaign trail.
Trudeau repeatedly attacked the Conservatives.... arguing rich families like his.... didn't need taxpayers' help.
Where not talking about "a" nanny here but multiple ones...
Canadian taxpayers are paying the wages of two nannies hired to care for the children of Trudeau and his wife. 
Isn't this lying to the electorate? Why does a "millionaire" collect taxpayers money for childcare???

There's more...
$15.3 million to help youth in Africa? How about helping the youth in Canada first?
$14 million to Indonesia
$12.9 million to Vietnam
$15.3 million to Africa
$2.6 billion to the UN 

$150 million to CBC (for a job well done supporting the liberals in the last election?)
And that's not all they gave out.

Tell me, is this what you voted for, to my recollection, none of this was mentioned, actually, it was about helping Canadians with restructuring programs, helping families, increasing the deficits in order to get the economy going...
I don't remember them saying they would help other countries first?
If one is smart, one would help their own first, to soften the blow???

And what about this carbon tax, do you really believe businesses will absorb this or pass it on to the consumer...as if things are not expensive now.
Your food, clothing, heating, everyday living expenses. 
In the meantime, other countries will offer, but do nothing. Nothing will change if Brazil, India, China, just sit on their hands and can you blame them? Let others do it, like Canada, they will give us money.
The best way to handle pollution is to invest, create, better energy efficient products, more efficient nuclear power, solar energy, even coal plants, since countries like China and India's economy depend on them; they are not going to hurt their frigging economies to please us. 
We can then pass on what we create to them, coal plants with less emissions, they are not going to refuse.
Al Gore said there would be no ice at the poles by 2013, yet the ice is increasing...That alone will stop even reverse rising oceans  since more ice is added.
They don't even know what the hell they are talking about.
The best way to handle pollution is not giving money away, we have tried this for decades, but it is in our capacity to create better and more efficient products, that has always been our strength in the pass, so what the hell happened, did we lose our faith in our ingenuity?
We seem to have lost our way when it comes to democracy, people with no experience whatsoever, been elected on their looks instead of their policies. How can the west survive under these rules?

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