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Friday, December 4, 2015

No more political correctness. Let's call it by it's real name.

Custodial interference is kidnapping.
Parental alienation is child abuse.
Child support is ransom money.
Restraining order is a weapons of control.
CPS and CAS is corruption
Women's shelter is a bastion of male-hate
Family court is all of the above.

And who does this hurt?  
Kids should never be a tool for the corrupt.
Some of us have seen pretty well all that need to be seen when it comes to the war on our families. We said this before and I do believe most people know that, the main component in a nations strength and assured future is the traditional family.

But the recent if not decades of hardship we have been subjected to is beyond understanding. The open hate for men, fathers, husbands, is apparent, whether by family courts, women's shelters and even lawyers.
Case in point...

I noticed recently the local shelter, with the help of their cheer-leading squad (The Courier and lake 88 radio), bragging about transvestite violence, and how they had a minuscule candle light vigil, which only a few showed up for. I researched, and found no violence or death by violence of any trans in the area...None.

All of a sudden, It came to me, they (this shelter) has been involved in all kinds of vigil, even trying to promote a "slut walk", (we do realize what the word slut means, right, because they surely don't) except one...the family, mom, dad, kids, grandparents, I mean isn't this entity (the family) the very foundation of a society, without it, even they would not exist. Doesn't that alone show where their true feelings and priority are?
We even interviewed a mother who had to pull her kids out of a program run by this shelter because her kids told her that the one running it claimed, "a woman who lives with a man is abusing her kids".

We have such ridiculous stories coming out of so many locals, whether this shelter and it's legal arm, the Perth legal clinic, that one wonder on the sanity or it all. When they know, unless they are drooling idiots, that some of these accusations against men are so out of this world, yet they will use it to try to destroy a man's reputation anyway, you know there is a man-hate and if not, a policy of targeting men, to advance themselves financially or otherwise.

The demonization of fathers and husbands is not something men invent to get even, or to get away from their families, that way of thinking is feminism at its best, this is why so many, (and yes "some" single mothers have been targeted also, but that's for another day), have decided, not to get married, not to have kids and run away when a simple argument arises. It is getting to be to dangerous to be involved in trying to raise a family, and who suffers? Kids. And in the long run, the very future of a nation's stability.

It's not all women who do this, even if they just want to take a time off a relationship some are forced by these corrupt organization to do what they don't really want to do.

In closing...
You have to look at other sites. And ask yourself...
Do these pro-family, pro-men's site exist because they got up one morning and decided to get e web page based on their lost of male-privilege, or their misogynistic personalities, or even their hate of women? Of course not, most men only hear of such stupidity from women shelters radical male-hating staff, or feminized news outlets, feminist lawyers or their idiotic manginas.
You heard of the war on women, pushed by feminists with an inferiority complex?
How can there be a war on women, by men, when we have mothers, wives and daughters, do you know how stupid that is?

These sites are all based on personal experience, what was done to them, some can be out of understandable anger, after loosing their kids, and been demonized by people who never stepped a foot in their home, but most of them want to expose what they experienced, simply because they where men and do it the best way they can. Just like we do.

We have associated ourselves with other sites, and there are plenty who will offer reasonable debates and helpful information...Like this one...Mensrights-help forum
Try to understand what they write about and what they experienced. These are your sons, your husbands, your fathers, not your enemies.
Read, look at, research, as we said, it always comes down to one thing, what they experienced and what was done to them, none have ever opened a site simply to push hate for women or whatever.
Yet, the other side have pushed their dislikes of men, what if women where described the way these feminist describe men?
How is this not hate???
If as a woman, you agree with this, congratulation, your a feminist and would do well working in any of their organizations.

As for the rest of us, we are sick and tired of such hateful rhetoric, we are not fighting back because we hate, as they obviously do, we (men and women) are fighting back, because we can love and respect and honor...our families.
Take the time to read, research and investigate, don't take anyone's word as if it's true, and if you do, ask yourself who will suffer because if it?

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