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Monday, December 21, 2015

In the debate clinton said Trump was a recruitment tool for terrorism, yet...

ISIS Video Features Bill Clinton, Obama, Bush, but Not Trump
 Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton claimed in Saturday's presidential debate that the Islamic State group (ISIS) is using GOP front-runner Donald Trump's calls for a moratorium on Muslim immigration in videos to recruit new members.

Fact-checkers immediately threw a flag on that statement, but Red State has uncovered some American politicians who are in the most recent ISIS recruitment video, and Clinton knows two of them well.

Barack Obama, for whom Clinton served as secretary of state for four years is in the video as is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, former president George W. Bush, Republican Sen. John McCain and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also show up in the slickly produced video.


The more she opens her mouth, the more lies comes out of it...
How can anyone believes anything she says?
Someone asked her, "why should people vote for you?"
Her answer, "because I'm a woman, time for a woman.."
That's the extent of her policies...?
Inexperience brought the U.S. 20 trillion dollar debt, in Canada, inexperience spent 10 billion of foreign aid in the first 2 months, on top of what we already give out...not one penny for Canadians.
Now, comes a compulsive liar?
Politics in the west is about who is popular, which race or which gender, or in a name.
The west is on it's way down, and the fall will be hard.

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