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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Goatman...Manbearpig...Kitten-eaters...You can make some people believe anything.

Yes I am been ridiculous, but aren't we doing the same by blindly following the piper?

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, push it enough and you can make some people believe anything. This is how a few elitist can convince enough people that another country is populated by kitten eaters and we should go to war with them, even though they have the same aspiration as we do, to live in peace and care for their families.
Governments can bomb the shit out of one area for 25 frigging years, killing men, women and children, but when they hit back, we hold our hands to our faces and say; "how dare they?".

When it comes to the middle east, sure Isis bad, is it the product of what we did, or began? Who knows. Who cares.
But it doesn't take a genius to see that this will never end, unless we roll up our sleeves and decide to put an end to it.
Take the crusades as a point of reference, Europe occupied and did war on the people of the area for hundreds of years, better armed and trained, yet the people of the area, never gave up, never stopped in trying to rid themselves of what they saw as an ignorant, warlike, abusive military. In the long term, Europe lost the holy lands. It was inevitable.
You bomb and kill one, his or her relatives and friends will pick up a weapon to avenge him or her,
that's the way things work there.

To make it short, sending 6 jets from Canada, or 4 from England is not going to win, it's not Isis we need to destroy, it's the ideology. When al qaida in Iraq was gone, in came Isis, when they are gone, another will take it's place. Then we have Nigeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and eventually the gulf state.
We have to show the ideology, it cannot win, that means if Isis or organization like them want war, let's give them one. Just like Russia is doing. Also, force the local states to get their soldiers involved.
Especially the Saudis, then need to know financing these organizations is not profitable in the long run. Not to mention Turkey.
Redo their borders to accommodate the sunnis and the shias, after all the border that exist now, impose by France and England after the great war (and yes even back then it had to do with oil) is the major problem. A mistake was made back then, let's fix it.
Might not solve all of the problems but it will surely keep them busy for the next hundred year or so.
Otherwise, situation like Paris will keep on going.

The whole crap is been manipulated by a few and the innocent are the ones suffering, are we still that stupid to believe what the few are saying, or do we live in a enlightened era, where we are evolved enough to realize what is really going on?
Take what obama has done lately, sending special forces into the ranks of the FSA, this is the area where Russia is bombing, is he hoping this will stop them or is he hoping Russia makes a mistake and kills American soldiers, I might be theorizing but imagine the mess that would cause, maybe even a war with Russia and it's ally, China. The FSA is a small group and has no chance in hell of taking Syria, none whatsoever, so why is he supporting them?  And also, they are as radical as all the others. When one side wins, we have a second civil war, just look at the mess the west did with Libya.

Whether we are the cause of all this mess is not important anymore, what is important is to put an end to all this before it goes to far. Eventually, a situation like this drags in the powers, and when they take sides, we risk a world war.

And this one boys and girls, if it does happen, no one will win it.

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