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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Feminism Then Vs. Now... Modesty vs sluts.

Slut; noun derogatory
noun: slut; plural noun: sluts
    1. a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
    synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore; floozy, tramp, hooker, hustler;    tart, scarlet woman, loose woman, hussy, trollop.    harlot, strumpet, wanton
    "she dressed like a slut and didn't act much better"
    2.  a woman with low standards of cleanliness.
That's what a slut means to a man and a modest woman.
No matter how hard, feminists and their manginas, try to redefine the word slut, it will always mean what it says.
Which one do they really think a man will be more attracted to; in order to build, care, provide and protect a family?
No one say's women have to wear veils or skirts all the way to their ankles, but shit, have some self respect and you will be respected.
When a local feminists promoted a slut walk, TNC asked; "Are you going to dress like one?"
"LCIH is endorsing the inaugural Slut Walk in Lanark County next summer, being organized by ----------------. "It's critical to take back the night but also to take back the language," erin lee todd said.

BUT, I am glad to announce that for now, the ladies of lanark county did not fall for this disgusting walks promoting sluthood, and have refused to participate, it was so unpopular that even their site is barely acknowledged with very little likes or comments.
And had to post this;
Due to the palpable apathy in Lanark County regarding slut shaming, we have decided that Slut Walk needs to be put on hold. Further education and awareness is needed before a march can be organized and executed. Please be on the look out for events related to Slut Walk and upcoming awareness campaigns. Thank you all for your support. Slut Walk is coming, do not lose faith! Unfortunately, acceptance and understanding come slowly in rural communities and we must respect that and work to make change while acknowledging this truth.
In other words, they can try to use cute words like apathy but reality is, the ladies said; "F*ck you, I am not a slut."

These fools who promote slut walks will never practice what they preach, whether that or take back to night, we ask, from who?
Men do not allow women or their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters to be raped or assaulted, where the hell does that come from, the way they talk it's as if we are all rapists. Oh ya!, their site promotes that idea, "recognize that men achieve power through rape"... So we know what they really think of men...

This refusal to participate in the local slutwalk shows, without a shadow of a doubt that feminists and their manginas no longer speak for women, they only speak for a small minority, themselves. In other words, the feminist only speak for feminists. They have now become...insignificant.
Oh sure they still have their supporters, the local mangina, but even their numbers are minute.

That said;
They still try to increase their falling numbers and support and lately they have targeted children, mainly boys, as in this video shows...
I'm Raising My Son As A Feminist
Wont work, as times shows, most boys who are raised this way, rebel quicker and eventually go to what nature intended for them.

The irony is; these hags, who use kids to the point of child abuse, would not have the freedom to say such SHIT, unless, the good men they hate so much, sacrifice their own lives to defend freedoms and democracy...

Its not that we want people to hate feminists and their manginas, whats important is, to expose the division and the hate they promote, their dislikes of traditional families, the stay at home moms, strong independent women who do not identify as feminists. But most importantly, their OBVIOUS hate-on for the male species, which is pretty damn obvious.

Coming back to the word slut, tell me, do you really want your daughters to be called, identified and pointed as sluts, the word will never mean anything other than what the definition really is.
We, and that's men and women, do not want to see women, barefoot, pregnant, washing dishes, as the feminist and her mangina promotes, we want what everybody wants, the freedom to choose who you want to be, but not at the expense of others. When you do that you advance nothing, because there is to much negativity involved.

Remember this; There is no security unless men are involved, that is reality, its not the lowly feminists or her mangina that keeps you physically safe, its the man across the street, the cop, the soldier, the worker.
Do you really believe an army of feminists and manginas will defend your freedoms...
Its all of us, men, women, children, the Elders, who make a good society, free of pain and violence, working together without the divisive nature of the few who see this as a way to advance themselves financially, or those who try to promote their miserable life on the rest of us.
As we said, we must identify them, point them out, and expose who and what they are, if they want to live a life of dark negativity, hey, its their choice, after all we live in a free society, but we don't have to listen to people who walk around with a dark cloud over their entire lives.
Be aware and have faith in your place in the circle of life, provide the world around you what you know, what you learned and especially who you are, but do it with wisdom, without the darkness of divisions, always be aware of who is watching you and we will do just fine.
After all, isn't this what's really important in the long run...
The next generation..without the hate and division.

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