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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Enraged left calls for Trumps assassination. Telling people who to vote for and who not to, otherwise...

Donald Trump’s online critics have proposed an alternative to his anti-terrorism policies: Assassinate him instead.

You want to know what is disturbing about this, not only the twisting of his words, and remember this guy is not a life long politically correct politician, he says what he thinks, What he said was; Stop muslims from coming in till we know what the hell is going on". Like him or not, that's a pretty good idea. Is the life of dozens of people worth an open immigration policy from the middle east, that's the real question.
Maybe he should have said, "let's stop bringing in people from Syria till we know whats going on", instead of using the word muslim, which I believe is what he really meant.
But put that aside for a moment, the media, all of them, professional politicians from both parties, and the left has been going bat crazy about Trump for a while, but what they are really trying to do is tell people who to support and we should not even look at someone who isn't in their little private members only club.
Isn't it up to people to be given the right to chose who they want to vote for, or do they really think we can't make that decision for ourselves. Msnbc was referring to Trump and his supporters as fascist for God's sakes.
We, in Canada just went through the media, doing everything they can to "guide" people in who to vote for, and the first month after the election was a disaster. We clearly saw what they thought with comment from a reporter...craig oliver. No class at all. You can see and hear what the media really thought of the previous government right here...
Billions where given to others instead of our own struggling people. We have families with kids who are suffering financially, elderly who can't afford food over their medicine and they pander to refugees first? Free apartments, landlords making millions from taxpayers, $3000 to buy furniture, the other thing we hear a lot from Canadians is, "these people come here and right away they have new cars". All at taxpayers expense.
Landlords don't give away 150 suites for free adding $3000 gift card, utility (hydro) paid, for free or out of their own pockets.

Quebec businesses urged to hire Syrian refugeesQuebec program covers up to $15K in wages, training and other needs
How many Canadian families could use this kind of help?
If only they would put that much effort into helping their own...

Coming back to Trump, we are not trying to say support him, just that it's our choice who to vote for, and we are perfectly capable of understanding the issue and what's at stake. To actually refer to him as the new furror with his hand up? Is the media trying to "guide" people, instead of respecting our democratic rights.
Let's not forget the latest from the media; "people who support Trump don't have a college education", hinting those who support him are dumb?
Many of the medias have twisted what he said, because he didn't say it according to political norm. They can't understand why he is so popular for the moment, maybe it's because people know exactly what he means when he talks, but they (the media and professional politicians) try to basically tell people we are to stupid to know what's good for us?

When someone asked clinton why people should vote for her she said, "because I'm a woman, it's time for a woman". What? No policies in all this? It's not about gender little girl, but what you can do for people.
The same thing hapened here, some people voted for the current PM because he's good looking and...yes, even f*ckable...
If that is the extent of politics and democracy in the west, we are royally screwed.
And when the media "guides" you on how to vote or think, that boys and girls is called...PROPAGANDA.

Some in the republican party, especially new york have called to take Trump off the parties nomination for president...
If they do this, they just handed the presidency to hillary clinton.
Might as well all go home, because there will be a revolt in the party against the establishment and their professional politicians.

As for the other candidates, ganging up against the Donald, you think they are doing it out of moral values or a chance to in their own way, gain some points at the expense or our democratic right to choose for ourselves?
Thumbs up for Cruz, "I might not agree with him, but it's the people right to choose. They are the voters".

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