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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disgusting; Elderly couple face fine, jail time over house paint and How poor families are treated.

 An elderly couple in Winnipeg is worried about a letter from the city threatening a fine and the possibility of jail time over the condition of the exterior paint on their property.

Rodney Pearson and his wife Doris received a piece of registered mail over the weekend from the City of Winnipeg ordering that they paint the back of their house, their garage and fence.

The letter was sent under a section of Winnipeg's Neighbourhood Liveability Bylaw, which requires homeowners to maintain the exterior painted surfaces of their property so no more than one quarter of the area is flaking.

Rodney Pearson, 76, acknowledges that the house where the couple has lived for 45 years is in need of painting, but he's not sure he can get it all done by the city's May 4, 2016 deadline.

"It might be winter yet in May," he told CTV Winnipeg. "It'll be too cold to paint probably."

The letter indicates that, if the couple is found guilty of an offence under the bylaw, they could face a $1,000 fine, six months imprisonment, or both.

"It was kind of terrible," Pearson said. "We looked at each other and said, 'Now what's going to happen?"
Here's a radical suggestion of my own;
To the inexperienced man child running this country, to those municipalities who are bragging about bringing refugees, instead of giving billions to other countries on top of what we already do, why aren't you looking in your own back yard. While giving free eye care, dental care, free medication, free hydro, free rent, and to those businesses who give millions to immigrants in furniture and other stuff, and especially to those who look for a pat on the back sponsoring refugees, why don't you HELP AND OR "SPONSOR" an elderly couple once in a while, a poor family who has to live in a homeless shelter, donate your money and your time equally to Canadians so they don't feel, forgotten by a twisted society that cares more for the outside world???
Do that and maybe there won't be so much division....and dislike of refugees?
Who is promoting and fueling resentment and hate, people or misguided governments?
Sorry but we are just totally disgusted by the way things are going.

Canada, in it's own form of democracy has just elected it's own version of obama, inexperienced and on it's way to bankrupt a people, and a nation.
There is no problem helping others, "where they are", as in safe zones, but for every dollars spent on them, 2 should be spent on our own...
This isn't racism or Islamophobia, it's just good politics.

Homeless in Canada,
Cost of food,
and an Elderly person looking for food...in Northern Canada
Canada's version of the third world..

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