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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Atrocity against children, cover-up, and the sheer strength of a survivor. A “Duplessis Orphan” shares her childhood hell.

You can listen to full interview here...
I know how she feels...
Having personally experienced Quebec's residential schools and children protection programs in their facilities, in the late 60's, I can assure you that it was not places where kids should ever be sent.
I still don't like to talk about it, but I can say, it did sent me on a life-path that made me very angry, in no way did these places could ever claim that they helped kids, on the contrary. These places where very violent and the "counselors" by their actions sent kids on a path of destructive behavior, hate, resentment and pessimism about society.They where all on a power trip, if a child would even show some degree of independence or had thoughts outside their controlling agenda, he, they, where abused.
I must say in all fairness, I never experienced sexual abuse, but in the last place they sent me, some kid I was put in a room with, did say he had experienced it and warned me about what was going on.
I decided  then to run away at 14 years old and to take my chances on the streets of Canadian and American cities and that's where my life began and to this day, made me into what I am, character wise and emotionally. I stayed, without home or address for 10 years, traveling from city to city, sleeping, eating, living...outside. Summers, winters, Christmas, birthdays, it was definitely a hard life and wouldn't wish it on my worse enemies, but it was still better than what they offered.

When you treat someone so young the way they did, it takes away dreams, goals, and ones own future. Because it is implanted in you that the world is a nasty place with people that just don't give a shit about you.
It takes a life time to get away from that path, trust me...I KNOW.
It's pretty bad that we have to hear of this from RT, but the duplessis orphan case is just one of so many, and not only in Quebec but this happened even in Ontario and throughout North America.
And if you think this is propaganda from RT...think again.

I remember them reading me a letter they said my mother sent them, saying; "the family doesn't want him anymore, never send him back", they where extremely cruel about it and where also laughing while reading, tell that to a 12 year old, and that child will believe it and eventually live his or her life angry.
There is more to what they did, but you get the point.
You find yourself alone, incapable of stable relationships, separated from everyone, unable to relate to society and people around you.
That is what a cold, unemotional, even violent system does to kids.
So, if anyone wants to say this isn't true, so be it, I'll just smile and walk away.

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