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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trans Woman Lives Her Life as a Six Year Old Girl? The dangers of allowing everything and anything.

The first thing we would like to say is, we do not promote violence or discrimination against anyone, everyone is free to live their lives as they see fit. As long as it is responsible and does not hurt anyone. Especially the young.
In this case though, since there are children involved, this type of behavior could be dangerous. The most important responsibility we have as adults is the protection of kids, not only physically but emotionally.
One of the reason, to our opinion, we have an increase in suicides among children is because they don't know anymore where they belong, no pattern to follow. They read stories like this and others, try out alternative lifestyles thinking or been told all is all is well, or that it's acceptable and find out, the world is not exactly the way they where told in schools and around them, especially in the media.
For now, acceptance has its limits, they should be told about reality, that no matter how much we would like to live in a world where everyone is in a circle singing kumbaya, that is not what's out there. If we where responsible adults, we would explain that they will experience negativity, opposing opinion and expression of others who do not agree with their choices. Instead of saying go ahead and do it, include the truth that they will be discriminated or made fun of. It's part of reality and for the moment, cannot be denied.
In the least, this way, by been honest, they will have a chance to re-think their choices, to see if it's a passing fad or real. Give them time to think, because sometimes, children make the wrong decision, only to regret it later, it is our place as adults to point out everything, not encourage without explanations or to pass on some personal idealism on how to change the world or nature.

Now, that said....Let's look at this specific story..
Trans Woman Lives Her Life as a Six Year Old Girl (Short version)
Trans Woman Lives Her Life as a Six Year Old Girl (Full version)
Stefonknee, (stef-on-knee), aka Paul Wears, has 7 kids of his own, that does show he liked the opposite sex and was comfortable doing the manbo. So what the hell happened? Who the hell knows.
But I do know this, if you have 7 kids, you have a responsibility towards them and if you forfeit them for personal desires, no matter how twisted, there is a mental issue attached to it.
For a while I didn't think all this was real, I thought this was something out of the onion web site.
After researching to see if it had some validity, looks like it does. As incredible as that sounds.
(Still hoping it's not)

This person has been promoted by the trans web site, strangely enough, I wonder if they really did their homework on his background, my guess is...NO.
Here is a pretty good description of who he, she or ??? is...
Trans Woman Lives Her Life as a Six Year Old Girl  (short version)
Transwoman Stefonknee Wolscht Lives Life “as a Six Year Old Girl”  (long version)
I suggest you read carefully, the whole article, who he is, what he did, especially to his own kids.
Not exactly a good example to promote transgenderism.
Even the gay website xtraonline promoted him. 
Notice they disabled the comment section, my guess is, because too many people where either pissed or appalled. Which is understandable considering he is pretending to be a 6 year old girl...
When this comes up and it involves kids, well people in general have a really bad reaction to it.

You look at the personal life before this..."transition", makes one wonder what this is all about.
Did he do it to prevent himself from going to jail?
Took a space in a women's shelter?
His daughter wanted him to be at her wedding, but his answer was to threaten suicide?
Did someone with kids and grand-kids actually adopted him and let him play with an 8 year old girl?
The point is, as any "honest" psychiatrist will tell you, there has to be a mental issue in all this...
Shouldn't people like him be helped mentally, emotionally, or as some seem to suggest, is this real, or is he doing this for nefarious reasons?
And since there seem to be kids involved, (little girls), don't we have a responsibility as adults to say, "wait a minute", there "might" be a problem with all this?
Or have we come to a point that our personal fears, of the SJW or to be politically incorrect,  has pushed us away from been realistic and responsible to the young?

To be honest, I think having a web site, and researching stories such as this has made me more and more pessimistic about the future of our society. I always believed the innocence of children takes precedence over many things, that there has to be accountability for our actions and responsible behavior. We have to have limits, sure freedoms are fine, but heck, at what price when all is allowed and not looked at as a possible mental disorder because we are afraid of what others think at the cost of the emotional values and mental health of our kids future.
We can't go around allowing everything, that's not what freedom is.
Freedom is also to question. Our kids, even the health of society itself is at stake.

Like we said, TNC does not promote violence against anyone, especially those who "might" suffer from a mental disorder.
The recent story on this person seem to be that he disappeared in recent days.
If we hear anything else, we will post it.

TNC tries very hard not to judge anyone, but offer a concise and researched honest opinion.
Though sometimes, that can be very...difficult.

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