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Monday, November 23, 2015

Yes there are bad cops but there is also good police officers.

Get out the Kleenex for this one. When Tierra Gray was evicted from her home, she scooped up her two sons and took them to Butler County Sheriff’s Office — all of the shelters had been crowded that day.
“I was just like Lord, what is it that I am supposed to do? What am I supposed to do right now? My kids are here sleeping inside of a jail lobby. I never thought I’d go through that. That right there was my breaking point,” Gray said.
Gray feared that the officers would take her children away. Then Deputy Brian Bussell did the unthinkable.
“He told me that he was going to help and that we were going to get everything we need taken care of, and I just cried,” Gray said. “I was like, ‘Thank God, you are the angel I have been praying for all night.’”
Bussell took the family in his car and paid for a hotel for the next 10 days. Then the shopping spree began. Bussell took them to Walmart and got the kids new clothes, toiletries, snacks and money out of his own pocket. Wow…
I haven’t been this moved since Sgt. Simonick  taught Christian Felix, a teen, how to ride a bike.
“He’s the best,” Ziare, Gray’s 8-year-old son, said. “He’s like a friend to me.”
But the hotel and the shopping spree weren’t the only thing he had in store for them, he found the family a place to live.
 And that's all I have to say about this....

We have to recognize that not all police officers are bad, for every bad ones, there are good ones.
As much as we have to expose the bad ones for our own safety, freedoms of nations and it`s people, we also should point out the good ones.
Balance is the one thing that gives people something to think about and to have the honest and real story, something the lame stream media has forgot.

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