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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why we should look at Japan for a rational immigration policies...

Japan must improve the living standards of its own people before it can consider accepting Syrian refugees, the prime minister, Shinzo Abe said, as he announced $1.6bn in new assistance for Syrians and Iraqis caught up in conflicts in the Middle East.

Abe’s consistent refusal to consider allowing even a modest number of refugees to relocate to Japan has prompted criticism of the country’s strict policy on asylum: last year, it received a record 5,000 applications but accepted just 11 people.

Speaking at the UN general assembly in New York, Abe insisted Japan must first tackle crises posed by its falling birth rate and an aging population, and continue its push to boost the number of women in the labour market.

“It is an issue of demography,” Abe told reporters after his speech to the UN general assembly. “I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees, we need to have more activities by women, elderly people and we must raise our birth rate. There are many things that we should do before accepting immigrants.”
 Helping the refugees where they are makes a lot more sense than bringing them over here. Their civil war will not last forever, (thanks to Russia), and eventually, Syria will need it's population back to rebuild, which once peace is achieved, most of them will return to their own country anyway.
That said, bringing refugees here on mass, will put pressure on our social program like welfare, housing, as if the cost or renting a home is not already bad. 
There is already a ten year waiting list in some cities for affordable housing. In Ontario, hydro is so bad, we are loosing businesses and people, poor and elderly have to choose between food, medication, rent, or hydro.
Try to rent an apartment in our major cities... think thousands a month.

Japan has the right idea, help them over there, and put the effort of helping your own before bringing them here. We have the poor, the Elderly and our kids to think about before anyone else, it's not gonna help anyone if our system crashes because of some "we are nice" policy.
Just take the time to search what's happening in Sweden. Where they put others before their own.

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